PCS: Choosing a Career Counselor (Part 9)


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The PCS Job-Seeker’s Guide
Choosing the Resume Style That Fits You Best

While there is no “official” format for a resume, there are a number of styles that are most commonly used by job-seekers. The style you choose should reflect your job objective, as well as your education and employment history. If, for example, you have the skills and experience to support your job objective, you will probably want to choose a format quite different from one you would select if you were seeking your first jobor had a spotty work history.

The most popular and traditional resume format is arranged in chronological order, beginning with the jobseeker’s most recent position and working back in time. The chronological format works best if your work history has few or no gaps and shows a logical progression toward your current job objective. This format is also recommended if you have worked for a well known company and wish to use the company’s name to enhance your professional image. When using this style, describe each position you’ve held in terms of a title, date of employment, company name and a description of your responsibilities and accomplishments.

The functional resume style highlights your major areas of knowledge or accomplishments, as opposed to your work experience. This style is best if you are making a career change and have little or no direct experience in your newly-chosen field. It is also recommended if you are seeking your first job, if your skills have been acquired primarily through study, or if your work history is inconsistent.

In a functional resume, list your main areas of knowledge and accomplishment. These may be arranged in any order that best supports the position you are after. Include job titles, names of employers, and dates of employment in a short list toward the end of the resume.

The targeted resume is geared to one specific job. This format incorporates elements of the two styles described above—information about your work history and major areas of skills and knowledge. When writing a targeted resume, state the title of the job you are seeking, and then list the skills and experience which are directly related to that job.

No matter the extent of your actual work experience– you are a person with unique skills, abilities, and accomplishments. To accurately reflect that fact, you may have to “customize” your resume by altering, expanding, modifying or simplifying one of the formats described above.

Much like your clothing, your resume says a lot about who you are; to do you justice, it should be a perfect fit.

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