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Reminder: STAR Rebate Check Application Deadline Nears

Acting New York State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Barbara G. Billet announced that Gov. Eliot Spitzer recently signed legislation extending the deadline for homeowners to apply for their 2007 Middle Class STAR Rebate Program check from November 30 to December 31.

In addition, Acting Commissioner Billet also said that reminders about the program will be sent to about 600,000 property owners statewide who have yet to apply for their rebate check.

“This rebate program provides direct relief to middle class New Yorkers who need it most, and it is our Department’s goal to reach as many homeowners as possible. We want all eligible New York homeowners to take advantage of this unique $1.3 billion property tax cut,” Acting Commissioner Billet said.

Between July and October, the Tax Department mailed more than 2.7 million notices and applications to property owners throughout New York State who receive the basic STAR exemption on their school tax bills, inviting them to apply for a rebate check under the STAR program.

By the end of October, approximately 79 percent of households had responded by filing applications online or through the mail. Rebate checks totaling $685 million have been mailed so far to 1.8 million eligible households.

Seniors 65 years or older who receive the enhanced STAR exemption on their school tax bills did not have to apply. These homeowners got their STAR rebate checks automatically. The Tax Department mailed 630,000 rebate checks totaling more than $206 million to enhanced STAR recipients.

Rebate checks are calculated on a sliding scale based on income, with the maximum benefit going to all upstate homeowners earning $90,000 or less, and all NYC metropolitan region homeowners earning $120,000 or less. The difference in threshold levels corresponds to the difference in average regional incomes and cost of living. The benefit gradually diminishes as income exceeds these thresholds until a homeowner’s income reaches $250,000. Taxpayers earning over $250,000 are not eligible for new relief, but will continue to receive their current STAR benefit.

Once a homeowner receives a notice, enrollment is easy with a simple application that can be submitted by mail or online. The rebate checks are mailed to homeowners as their applications are processed. Online applications take less time to process, though generally people may expect their check several weeks after they submit their application. Enrolling online at will be the fastest way to receive a rebate check.

Acting Commissioner Billet said, “There has been a great response to the program. While most rebates have been processed, some applications take additional processing time. We assure all applicants that we are working very hard to issue rebate checks as quickly as possible.”

To receive a rebate check, homeowners only have to verify the property information provided on the application, enter the names, social security numbers, and all required information for all resident property owners and their spouses, verify the mailing address, and submit the application.

The Tax Department has updated information on its website,, or through the STAR hotline at 1-877-678-2769.

Homeowners can go online to view a sample application and instructions, read a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and find out how much they will most likely receive in their rebate check.

For more information about the program, please visit the Tax Department’s website at or call the STAR hotline at 1-877-678-2769.

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