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New Kollel For Working Boys In Full Swing!

A new “chavrusa” program has started and is B’H’ started out very well. The program is an extension of an existing Program dubbed “Yedidim” that was started for working bucharim that needed a kosher entertainment place to spend their evenings. Included in this program are trips, Shabbatons, and weekly shiurim. “Yedidim”  boasts pool tables, Ping pong and exercise equipment. There are delicious meals served every night as well. This program is only open to heimishe boys or young men not in yeshiva, and have to be approved by the staff.

Now they are proud to offer the “Chavrusa” program that is open to all who wish to come and learn. The learning begins at 8:30pm and Maariv is at 9:20pm. The program is run by Reb Hershel Indig Assisted by Reb Yosef Levy. The programs are funded by Reb Chaskel  Kaufteil. The program offers many qualified Yungeleit that are learning many diverse topics including Gamara, Mishnayos and Chumash/ Haskafah. Some chavrusas learn one on one and others are chabura style. The address is 771 McDonald Ave and the tel. #  for chavrusas or for more information is 718-930-7043 or 646-372-0325.

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  1. This guy Reb Chaskel Kaufteil is just amazing! Not because he does so much, he just has these most interesting ideas to help out with, and totaly throws himself to the full extent of the task!! Oshrei Yolodtuy!

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