Settlement Council Director-General Naftali Bennett explains that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to veer away from the correct path, abandoning those who placed him into office, stating the time has come to launch efforts to oust him from office. One example given by Bennett to support his statements is the recent destruction of homes in Migron, which enjoyed the support of the prime minister.

Bennett’s words were carried in the Shabbos handout Olam HaKatan, in which he stated if the prime minister does not drastically change his direction immediately, he will have lost his right to remain in office. Bennett fears that if elected to another term in office Netanyahu will enter into a coalition government with Kadima and that new government will forge ahead towards creating a Palestinian state.

He points out that the only thing preventing the establishment of Palestine today is PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) refusal to recognize the legitimacy of Israel and a Jewish State. Bennett explains that the prime minister has already adopted the philosophy that Israel cannot continue opposing the creation of a Palestinian state in the international community, and it is evident the prime minister is being led along by Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

In reference to the expected unilateral PA declaration in the UN this week, Bennett calls upon the administration to annex area “C” under the Oslo Accord as part of “Israel proper”, referring to those areas of Yehuda and Shomron under exclusive Israeli control.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. These settlers are obviously upset over the reality that even there is little support within EY for their extremist positions. The reality is that even Netanyahu agrees there will have to be more Gush Katifs as part of a final peace agreement since several west bank settlements will be included in the new Palestinian state. We should rely upon the generals to determine the most defensible borders and not the politicians and rabbonim. Poster no. 1 is right; if Netahyahu was to lose a no confidence vote today, the winners would be the moderate/left coaltion, not the Chareidim and right-wing settlers.

  2. 1. Likud has been unable to address the social and economic issues that made many Israeli annoyed. This make him vulnerable.

    2. He has certainly failed to keep the US and UN under control.

    3. So if you dump Likud, how certain are you to get someone more to your liking – more likely, an anti-religious left-winger who will gladly close down West Bank and East Jersualem Jewish communities without minimial thought of compensation (after all, it won’t be his/her supporters getting ripped off).

  3. The fact is this is the address of your troubles

    The fact is the Likud has shifted to the right in 10 years and that the price is getting costly

    I beileve Netanyahu did this executively

    The Likud if had to vote on it each and every vote would of been accountable

    Yes the Likud elects the prime minister but he works independent of his party I beileve

    Can you imagine there is a group that want to bring Jewish values in the leading party in Israel

  4. So let’s say goodbye to Marat Hamachpeila, and all of Chevron, because when you give away the settlements a/k/a E”Y, you will never see them again. How quickly do you think the arabs will turn it fully into a mosque? And let’s say goodbye to Kever Yosef, because we will never be able to get there again either. #3 (I hesitate to use your name, obviously you are no gadol), I’m assuming you are basing your “little support” statement on something factual, so let’s see what it is. Tell us. It’s easy for you all, who can’t be bothered with the mitzva of yishuv ha’aretz, to be armchair quarterbacks. In reality, if you don’t live here, it’s your opinion that doesn’t count.

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