President Peres: Employers Should Accommodate Chareidim


President Shimon Peres visited Jerusalem’s Chareidi College, which was founded by Adina Bar-Shalom, a daughter of Maran Chacham Ovadia Yosef Shlita. The president addressed the audience and responded to questions.

Regarding chareidim in the mainstream workplace, the president stated “just as there should not be religious coercion, they may not be non-religious coercion”, calling on prospective employers to accommodate the lifestyle of chareidim to permit them to enter the nation’s workforce.

The president encourages employers to create an atmosphere that will permit chareidim to work without compromising modesty standards, which he feels will be a win/win situation benefiting everyone.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is not his benevolence and love for his fellow man speaking, but rather an insidious, ulterior motive of trying to main stream charedim and have them assimilate to the secular populace and lifestyle. While I agree in theory with this objective, his motives are suspect because of who he is. Let us not forget that he is the architect behind Oslo, and stands for everything that is liberal. And he is a highly intelligent man.

  2. Like newt just said at a debate. Look I spoke that way when I was talking to the media, romney talks this way when he talks to the media! It’s very nice to see him coming to haredim singing this song. I would like him to say this at bgu, to the press even at non haredi events! This is just “political talk” (as in rubbish).