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US Doctors Get Trained In Israel To Assist In Time Of Emergency

dr.jpgApproximately 30 US doctors are coming to Israel for a five-day course in emergency and trauma medicine, which they will use to come back and help Israel in a future emergency. The physicians will take the place of local doctors called to the front as part of their IDF reserve duties.

The 10th biannual mission of the American Physicians Fellowship (APF) was organized to offer the Medical Emergency and Disaster Preparedness course, in cooperation with the Health Ministry and the IDF Medical Corps.

The 30 Jewish and non-Jewish doctors live in 10 states across the US and include some volunteers from Canada.

(Source: Jerusalem Post)

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  1. NOOne can teach emergency medicine, like the Israeli doctors. Great that they are sharing their knowledge with others, a light onto the world.

  2. It is unfortunate that we Jews have so much experience in emergency medicine. I’m not so sure that these doctors are going to learn new techniques or just to get an understanding of how things work in Eretz Yisrael when there is an emergency so everyone will be on the same page if there is (rachmanah litzlan) an emergency and they are called in to help.

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