The Dangers to Females in Sheirut Leumi


In response to a report filed by Kol Yehudi that females serving in Sheirut Leumi are too often found mingling with Arab males, Rabbi Tzefanya Drori Shlita, who heads the major Sheirut Leumi organization and serves as the chief rabbi of Kiryat Shmona responded.

The rav explained that today, he is aware of the situation, and there is also a “risk of intermarriage in the military, hospitals, and among drivers (transporting all types of people). It is everywhere” the rav explained.

Kol Yehudi warns that there is an increasing number of documented cases in which frum women are found mingling with Arab males who are found in the mosdos in which they are volunteering, doing their national service instead of serving in the IDF.

The rav told Kol Yehudi a number of months ago that he does not know of any cases personally; but added the number of such cases are few and they must be addressed. Now it appears he has become aware of the situation, which may be more alarming than first believed.

In a different but related matter, Yad L’Achim has launched a campaign to save Jewish women in certain areas in the south, where today, the organization has documented at least 50 Jewish women living with Bedouin men R”L.

It appears that of late, Rav Drori has been made aware of specific cases in addition to receiving more complaints and inquiries expressing concern. The current situation has compelled the rav to investigate towards determining how to address the alarming situation.

Rav Drori feels that main problem exists in Magen David Adom and hospitals, places where there is a more significant Arab presence. The rav was asked if he calls on the Sheirut Leumi females to avoid serving in such places.

He responded by saying “To my sorrow, the parameters are simply unclear and unattainable. If there was a clearly defined scenario and threat I could respond but the problem is the threat [of assimilation] is everywhere. There is not a city that is not facing this problem. Wherever one goes today there is assimilation. In Egged, taxi companies so what can we do? There are places that employ Arabs so what can be done, not taking taxis?”

The rav continues explaining that nevertheless, the problem is more prominent in certain settings, such as hospitals, including Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bikur Cholim Hospital. “The problem is not just with Sheirut Leumi girls but with nurses too, and even in nursing schools” the rav adds.

He feels the problem is most serious among drivers, since such drivers travel from place-to-place by the nature of their work.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So does that mean Arab Women should be replaced as nurses, volunteers, activists, and that all Jewish women should serve in the IDF since that what it depicts in the 3rd paragraph of the article?

    Ever heard of Jewish men falling in love and intermarrying with Arab women too, R’L? Furthermore, their children are not even Jewish and the father has no yichus?

    Ever heard of Arab men conversing with Chiloni men at hospitals that they should have Bris Milah?

    Jewish leaders must first collaborate and build a strong foundation to end this saKanah Jewish women AND men are dealing with today.

    Say no more.

  2. The gedolim paskened long ago about Sheirut Leumi, basically in one word: assur. Girls who go into Sheirut Leumi have din prutza and no ben Torah will marry them.

  3. I can only assume that the Rav’s inability to respond to this issue is due to a firm belief that the Mizrachi have that women have an obligation to serve the Medina. It would be a bold move on his part to denounce national servers for women, but I don’t think he has the strength to do so.

    The fact is, much to my dismay, he is right that there is a major issue today with intermingling between religious females and Arab men, including married women! I have investigated this in the past when it came to my ears and to my dismay was disappointed with the facts. The Rav is 100% correct that this has hit every major community in Israel; and note, this includes the Chareidi communities as well. My objection with the Rav’s words is the underlying statement that comes along with it; as if to say, “What can we do?”.

    This is not an answer!

    In my humble opinion, we have to search for the root of this problem that plagues us today (something that was unheard of as little as 20 years ago). What’s changed since then? The only thing I can think of is our priorities. We all say that Limud HaTorah is our number one priority, but the facts seem to show different. When I moved back to Israel, my wife and I noticed the extreme emphasis on Gashmiyut that did not exist 20 years ago. Today weddings have become a fashion show! I know women and young ladies that have opted out not to go to a chasuna just because they feel they have nothing to wear. What a shame! Such a beautiful mitzva lost purely because of peer pressure!

    One would wonder how a young religious lady would, of all things, be willing to hook up with an Arab! The answer from what I am told is that most of them come from poor families and they are swayed by the gifts that they receive. If our religious society today wasn’t so materialistically driven and we were more שמח בחלקו like we used to be, the יצר would not be so strong on them. However, when they see their friends going around in such fancy clothing and have the latest gadgets, who could not understand the yearning desire within them to keep up with the Jones. Thus, they succumb to the unthinkable.

    As far as the married women who are having affairs and at times running off with these Arabs as well, the only thing I can tell you is that I hear (and this is only hearsay) that most of them come from Kehillas that underemphasis the social and intimate needs of women. If this is true then the solution is for men to be more in tune with their wives’ needs and too make שלום בית a priority. Jewish women who feel loved by their husbands and feel that they are getting the attention that they seek are very faithful to their marriages. Only when they don’t have those needs fulfilled do they seek from outside, Hashem Yiracheim!

    May we be zoche to overcome these shameful acts within Klal Yisrael and may Moshiach come soon!

  4. This was so different many years ago. I would ride any bus in Yerushalayim and be holding my baby and immediately a bochur would jump up and give me his seat. (Before Mehadrin lines existed). I would be on line in a grocery store with one or two items and the bochur in front of me would beg me to go ahead since he had fifteen items. The middos training is lacking. Yeshivos need to implement a regular course of Bein Adom Lachaveiro to show that there is fine line of difference between being courteous and mentschlach and being a clueless boor. When I was a girl we KNEW that a refined yeshiva bochur was KEY to our happiness. Now girls daven that their chossen will have learned good middos somewhere. It is NOT a given.