Monticello: Congregants Dance Down The Streets As Stolen Sefer Torah Is Returned To Shul


Men, young and old, congregants of the Landfield Avenue Synagogue, were joined Tuesday evening by residents of the greater Monticello community as a Sefer Torah, which was stolen from the Shul three weeks ago and was recovered last week, was carried back home from the police station.

Music blared from loud speakers as the group danced and sang, taking turns carrying the Sefer Torah back to the Shul.

Rabbi Benzion Chanowitz said faith unites the community.

“It’s not money or possessions that make us happy. It’s a perspective in life that makes us happy,” he said.

Among those public officials who attended was State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.

“It’s a community celebration. We’re all here because I know how much history there was and so many families that put their names on the torah,” Gunther said. She congratulated the Monticello Police Department for cracking the case and recovering the scroll.

Also attending was Thompson Town Supervisor Anthony Cellini and Monticello Police Chief Douglas Solomon, who said the investigation into the theft is continuing. One man has been arrested on a charge of possessing stolen property.

(Source: MidHudsonNews)