DM Lieberman Summons Rabbi Eli Sadan And Rabbi Yigal Levinstein


Defense Ministry Director-General Udi Adam has summoned Rabbi Eli Sadan and Rabbi Yigal Levinstein of Yeshivat Bnei David for a hearing to determine the yeshiva’s future status.

The hearing will take place on Thursday, 3 Adar, at which time the rabbonim will be able to explain their positions.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman seems determined to oust Levinstein from the yeshiva for his remarks objecting to men and women serving side-by-side in the IDF. Rav Sadan came to Levinstein’s defense, announcing he would not step down as Lieberman requests, but he will continue in his current position.

Lieberman was angered by Levinstein’s comments and is demanding his resignation along with an apology – threatening to decertify the yeshiva from the mechina program.

In his letter to Rav Sadan, Adam explains that recent statements by Rabbi Levinstein lead him to question the education being given to the students at Bnei David.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Nice leiberman chicken! Picks on the easy targets. Soft targets don’t riot like the arabs. Leiberman was a big talker till he turned defense minister. Then he chickened out when he started being afraid of them rioting. The haredis protest is something he can deal with though. “Let me play big dog with THEM Haredis”