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Peleg Faction Solidarity Outside IDF Prison 6

Talmidei yeshiva aligned with the Peleg faction and the Eida Chareidis have established a protest tent outside IDF Prison 6, where talmidim arrested for not reporting to the draft are held.

The talmidim established a few small tents in the area, which are used for limud Torah during the day as they try to show their friends inside the prison they have not been forgotten.

Signs are displayed on the tents including “Don’t enlist” and “we support the Torah prisoners”.

A local official approached the talmidim on Thursday, 24 Nissan, presenting them with demolition orders for their tents, which had to be removed by midday. They talmidim moved the tents to another nearby location.

It is also reported that a religious soldier who passed the tent protest was verbally attacked by the talmidim who shouted “Chardak”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. As long as they sit in their tents and shteig, leave them alone since this is a legitimate form of protest which does not impose on others. However, when they start verbally or physically assaulting any member of the IDF, they should be dragged inside to join their chaverim in the prison.

  2. These bochurim are supposed to be learning in Yeshiva not playing games. Arrest them all and move them to more secure accommodation inside the prison.

  3. It is one thing to stage a protest, but it is another to be abusive, especially as they seem not to have a permit (and certainly no permit to be abusive). And seeing as a perfectly docile friendly barbecue gathering which was handing out free food to passerbys outside the prison was dispersed by the authorities, one cannot imagine why this group here should be allowed assembly.

  4. To #1 and 2: What ever happened to due process and the rule of law? Why bother with that? Just “drag them inside,” and “arrest them all and move them to more secure accommodation inside the prison.” And then, if some people were to call them Gestapo or KGB, you’ll have a cow about further insults to “our” Jewish policemen and soldiers.

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