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Killers Of Rubin And Amichai Are PA Policemen

amihairubin.jpgThe two Arab terrorists who murdered Cpl. Ahikam Amihai HYD and Sgt. David Rubin HYD on December, 28 in Wadi Telem (as reported HERE on YW), turned themselves in to the Palestinian General Intelligence in Chevron the same day in order to avoid being apprehended by Israeli security forces. The Palestinians confirmed that the two were in custody only after an inquiry from the Israel Security Agency. Additionally, the Palestinians returned the two soldiers’ weapons, as well as the terrorists’ weapons, only after a demand to this effect had been communicated by the ISA.

The two terrorists are:

Ali Hamid Dandanes (24), resident of Chevron, clerk at the Chevron Sharia court and a Fatah operative who was in contact with Palestinian General Intelligence; and

Amar Badad Khalim Taha (26), resident of Chevron, Fatah operative and a Palestinian National Security soldier.

A third terrorist, Bassel Nabil Naim Natashe (23), a resident of Chevron, was killed in the exchange of fire with Cpl. Ahikam and Sgt. Rubin.

From the Palestinians’ interrogation of the two terrorists, it appears that the attack was perpetrated after one of the terrorists identified the hikers in Wadi Telem and summoned his cohorts. The objective of this planned attack was to murder the hikers and steal their weapons.

Statements to the media by Palestinian security elements to the effect that the incident was of a criminal, not security, nature are contradicted both by information in the ISA’s possession and the confessions of the terrorists themselves. Apparently, these statements are designed to obviate the Palestinian Authority’s responsibility for the incident mainly due to the fact that the murders were perpetrated by Fatah and security apparatus activists. Since the attack, the ISA and IDF have carried out a series of steps, including – inter alia – wide-ranging arrests.

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  1. i just hope that as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ olmert dosent pardon them of this sick crime .because they turned themselves in on their own!.

  2. These terrorist should be tortured and killed by the Israeli’s!! “LEMA’AN YISHMIU VIYIRAU” We all must do Tehuva. No joke! One great mitzva in America can save a life on the other side of the world! “Hashem Yinakom domom” Yihi Zichrom Baruch.

  3. nu what else is new
    what amazes me is there are only 2 comments about 2 soldiers who RL were slaughterd but a lot on the post about the woman put in jail


  4. idf
    you know the answer to your amazement. Symphathy & sorrow for IDFkedoshim is harder to mustar (in this crowd) than Police and govt bashing..

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