PHOTOS: Beit Shemesh City Hall Continues Combating Modesty Signs Ordered Removed By The High Court Of Justice


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For the third time in two weeks, Beit Shemesh City Hall carried out an operation to remove modesty signs as instructed to do so by the High Court of Justice.

It has not been too long since the last operation, the removal of the signs, which have since been replaced by larger signs. The city held another operation during the predawn hours on Tuesday, 8 Teves, under the watchful eye and assistance from police.

The signs removed on Tuesday morning were back in place, a few short hours later.

Mayor Moshe Abutbul once again called on the court to take City Hall out of the process, which he feels should be handled by police as the city’s is not capable of dealing with the matter, not to mention the significant expense involved in the operations to remove them. Abutbul calls on police to enforce the law and address the removal of the signs in line with the court order.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What a waste of my hard earned arnona money! Why does my hard earned money have to be used for this nonsense.. Those extremist women who are going against the city should foot the bill if this is so important to them! There are much better places for my hard earned money to be spent! Shame on those women extremists!!!

  2. I agree with rbtruthseeker. If the criminals ripping down these signs are women extremists, then the police should throw these women in jail in the same manner they do with the bochurim who commit vandalism. No reason to treat the women differently. They (or their families) should also be made to pay the costs of replacing the signs. At the same time, this clown of a mayor who claims to be “helpless” in the face of these women extremists should resign and be replaced with a mayor who has some backbone.

  3. You are such bigots. Fortunately, you are few in number, although violent and abusive. My suggestion to the City: paint all these buildings with a paint & glue resistant coating so nothing sticks. If necessary, paint the whole darn place! And if you bigots are so offended by their dress… don’t look!

    One other thing…. your business owners (the shoe stores, groceries, kids’ clothes stores, produce stores etc) don’t have a problem taking these ladies’ money! I have seen them shopping.