Border Police Nab 187 Marijuana Plants Being Grown in Hashmonaim


In a large drug bust that took place two weeks ago and was publicized on Wednesday, it has been announced that Israeli border police arrested and charged three suspects for the growing of dangerous narcotics in their home in the Religious town of Hashmonaim. The suspects were found to have dozens of marijuana plants growing inside their home.

The drug bust took place after continuous intelligence work that had lasted for quite a while on the apartment and its residents. A stake-out was arranged over the course of a number of days in which border police officers watched the apartment and kept track of the comings and goings of its residents right up until the bust.

During the bust five people were inside the apartment, the man and woman who lived there as well as three suspects who were arrested when the police first arrived.

Inside the three room apartment, 187 marijuana plants were found spread across two rooms. The total weight of the plants was 22.5 kilograms of plants that were in advanced stages of growth. Other supplies that are used in the growth of marijuana were also found and confiscated.

Another 66.7 grams of ready marijuana was found in the vehicle of one of the suspects.
The three suspects have been indicted and are being charged with the growing of the illegal substance following enough evidence presented by the police against them, which includes testimony from various sources.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)