Beit Shemesh Tznius Signs Come Before The High Court Again


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Once again, the High Court of Justice on Sunday, 3 Adar, was called upon to address the tznius signs in an area of Ramat Beit Shemesh, signs that were ordered removed a number of times by the High Court.

The court instructed Beit Shemesh City Hall to install no less than seven surveillance cameras within a month, to cover the area of the signs. The city was also called upon to remove the signs from areas which they have not yet reached. The court heard how in areas the signs were removed, they were replaced within a matter of hours.

The court also ordered the city to begin moving forward with legal action against persons lending a hand in maintaining the signs in contradiction to the court’s rulings. The court was told the city to date has spent NIS 50,000 to remove six of the eight signs, some more than once and how they have already been replaced. While the city has committed to removing the signs over and over again, it has been for naught as today, they have been replaced. The court threatened to fine the city for contempt of court in the amount of NIS 10,000 for each day the signs remained. It was explained to the court that the city has been in compliance with the order to remove the signs, some more than once.

MK (Bayit Yehudi) Betzalel Smotrich said, “The crazy activism that the High Court of Justice reserves only for such cases. You will not see this against lawlessness in the illegal construction of Bedouins, polygamy, the theft of IDF firing ranges in Tze’elim, or regarding protection and etc. only against religious and chareidi Jews”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Does MK Smotrich live in RBS? Does he see the abuse and physical as well as verbal abuse towards women who, according to these bullies, shouldn’t be allowed in their helige neighborhood?

    Tell me…. what do Chazal say about neglect of tiny children? About destroying a neighborhood through filth & neglect? Refusing to work but expecting our taxes to support these bums (& that includes basic services like water, electricity, medical care?)

    As a Chareidi woman, you need to get this through your thick skulls: NO MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO BULLY, HARASS, OR INTIMIDATE A WOMAN. If you don’t like seeing women in pants or a sleeveless top… don’t look! Instead, feast your eyes upon the richness of Torah and stop using it as an excuse to be thugs. Look after your wives & children, take care of them, and maybe one day, you’ll become human beings.