Israel: ‘Professional Error’ Cited In F-16 Air Force Crash


The Israeli military says a “professional error” by a flight crew caused an air force jet to be struck and crash during an attack on a target in Syria earlier this month – after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace.

Announcing the results of an investigation, the military said Sunday that the crew did not follow “standard procedure while under enemy fire.” It says the crew chose to complete the mission and did not adequately defend themselves.

The incident occurred on Feb. 10 after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria. Israel shot down the drone and then attacked what it said was an Iranian command center. Israeli planes came under anti-aircraft fire, and one was struck. Israel responded by destroying Syrian anti-aircraft positions.

The Israeli flight crew ejected from the aircraft and landed in Israeli territory.



  1. ‘Professional Errors’ are logical outcome from the policies of feminizing IDF and giving priorities to [email protected]#!! integration into air force.