AS PROMISED: Peleg Protesters Block Streets Bringing Parts of Jerusalem To Gridlock [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]



Keeping true to their word, the Peleg was out in force on Thursday afternoon, protesting the arrest of a Yeshiva Bochur.

Hundreds of protesters closed many roadways as well as the main entrance to Yerushalayim.

A massive police force including riot police were on hand, as well as horses and water canons spraying smelly water. Protesters came prepared as they wore rain hats and plastic bags over their hats to protect themselves from the water canons.

As YWN reported on Wednesday, a Yeshiva Bochur affiliated with the Peleg was arrested at a checkpoint on Highway 90 near Maale Adumim during a routine inspection early Wednesday morning. When it was determined by police that he is AWOL from the IDF, he was arrested and handed over to military police.

The boy, Meir Brodiansky, is a Talmid at Yeshiva Kol Torah – a Peleg affiliated Yeshiva. He is a grandson of Rav Yitzchock Yeruchim Bordiansky, who is a Mashgiach in the Yeshiva.

This arrest is significant as it marks the first test for the faction’s new (still not confirmed) leadership following the petira of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach ZT”L.

ALL PHOTOS USED WITH PERMISSION VIA: צילום קבוצת המחאות החרדים הקיצוניים
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  1. The guy Meir Brodiansky wasn’t arrested at his home and he wasn’t arrested at his Yeshivah….. so where was he that the IDF got him???? He was arrested by the MIshtara, not for failing to register for the draft … nope! He was arrested while driving drunk and was then handed over to the IDF after they checked his status… so thousands are closing their gemarrahs for a guy who put people in danger by driving drunk !
    So now there are putting sick people in jeopardy by blocking traffic where ambulances must get thru! Very nice..
    Zu Torah Ve’Zu Secharah

  2. The Jerusalem Police have totally lost the plot here. They are allowing the citizens of Jerusalem to be terrorised The whole of the northern side of Jerusalem was blocked for hours this evening. Why didn’t the police constantly use their stinking water cannon? The plastic bags might have protected these crazies hats but if all their clothes were soaked with freezing stinking water they may think twice about stealing thousands of Yiddens time. Why don’t the police use attack dogs? If a few dozen of these protestors were bitten and needed to go to hospital they may also think again before inconveniencing others.

  3. “This arrest is significant as it marks the first test for the faction’s new (still not confirmed) leadership following the petira of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach ZT”L.”

    This is baloney. There is no change and this is no different than what’s been going on until now.

  4. I wonder what would happen if the police stood down. Just not attend the hafganah. These mechalilei Hashem would have to face the innocent victims of their crimes, blocking people from getting to wherever they are going, and avoiding the police fights. The police don’t accomplish much anyway. A few arrests here and there, some shpritzing with water cannons, police’s own risk getting involved in violent interaction, etc. Not worth it. These Peleg animals need to lose the support of the community they purport to represent.

    Once again, I wish I could get lists of names of those participating in these events. I would instruct my children to never marry any of them or consider them as prospects for shidduchim for any of their children.

  5. ” ….. In the young girl’s eyes, there is a deep sorrow. In the week before her wedding, a time which is a dream come true for many young women, it is a painful sight to see ……”. She has no money.
    She is a beautiful, talented girl and should be fully financially supported by her Chosson and his parents. But where are they? Too busy protesting and throwing empty bottles at the police?


  6. so disgusting,
    chillul haShem

    an one day a frustrated driver is going to run into some of these vandal/animals and do real damage and their leaders will finally stop? doubt it.

    because some one can learn a blatt of gemora better than me does not mean he knows how to fix a sewer pipe better than any one else. Let them stick to the beis medresh and turning out mensches and not get involved in politics and make the boys into vandals who cause people to hate the Torah world.

  7. Where is the Mishtara? (Police) Blocking people for their everyday activities… what a “chutzpa”!! My wife was 1 hour late getting home and my child had to go to the hospital!!! These are “rishoim gemurim” masking themselves as “yirei shomoim”. Arrest them! No need for violence but they need to pay a dear price for their behavior.

  8. Ader

    Please do not ‘mish’ things here – yes that girl is sad – and dont make up stories and make fun on someone elses cheshbon!

  9. Dear Peleg Protestors,
    If you are reading this, please know that you caused me great anguish tonight. It took me over three hours to get home, tired and smelly from the stinky gas.

    Just know that I don’t forgive you.

  10. I am totally confused. If, chas vasholom, a person dies on the way to the hospital because of this or R’L one of the protesters is run over and killed what are the Rabbonim calling for this going to tell the bereaved families to their face.

  11. warinisrael
    She is sad and crying because Heimishe men in E”Y have no Achrayos to bring Parnossoh to their family. Empty heads. Bored souls.

  12. Ader
    Va’ad Harabonim varfied herstory. Her father was working but died. Is it Chavi’s fault her father died? The Kalla has most of the expenses. It it sad that you make fun of a Yesomah instead of Helping her out. The Torah warns gravley people like you not to do that!!!!!!

  13. I don’t usually post here anymore but after reading the comments here, I’m seeing a lot of ignorance. Definition of ignorance is arguing over something you have no clue about. Personally I don’t agree with Peleg but having looked into it properly I understand exactly why they are protesting and sometimes protests are indeed the only way of getting anything done in Israel. Let me remind you all of the number 3 bus that once went down mea shearim on shabbos many years ago and literally only stopped after hundreds of protests. If any of you can’t see the big picture and are calling these protesters animals for your little inconveniences, you’re just plain ignorant. Look up the facts, hear the other side and actually research it before you start name calling and threatening to not be moichel because you were late to work. Again, I’m not a supporter, rather I do at least hear their side. Sinas chinam is not what we need right now.

  14. “Little inconveniences.” Spoken like a true American who has no idea what really goes on in Israel. Let me remind YOU that what they are doing is illegal and dangerous, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you.

  15. takahmamash , you make me laugh. I live in Jerusalem. You’re sounding like the entitled spoiled american who can’t see the big picture and is so focused on arriving late home or to work one day that they can’t see the big picture. Would you have told the yerushalmis who used to disrupt the bus service down mea shearim to quieten down because you can’t get your shabbos afternoon nap? I guess yes. I’m very aware of the inconveniences having been disrupted by these guys before, but to complain pettily about it without appreciating the magnitude of the problem they’re demonstrating about, is very american (to quote you) and small minded.