Former DM Ya’alon Preparing For National Elections


Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who stepped down from serving under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, told Kol Chai Radio on Monday morning 25 Adar that he certainly plans to run for a leadership role in the next Knesset elections. Ya’alon stated that immediately after resigning as Defense Minister, he made it clear that he would be back at some time in the future.

Back in 2016, when the current coalition government rested on a one vote majority of 61, Ya’alon was basically forced out of his senior post as Defense Minister to permit the coalition to bring in the Yisrael Beitenu party and the post was given over to Avigdor Lieberman. There was an outcry as Ya’alon is a former IDF Chief of Staff and Lieberman was a low-ranking combatant in his military service. Nonetheless, the deal went through.

Ya’alon explained when he stepped down, and reiterated this on Monday, “I have too much to offer, military experience and Knesset and I feel I must step forward and continue serving”.

He explained ‘Sorrowfully, and I said it then, I feel PM Netanyahu is compelled to step down for he is the subject of too many investigations. There is simply too much corruption surrounding his administration”. Ya’alon added that he has no doubt that while Mr. Netanyahu is not yet a suspect in the submarine investigation, there is no doubt he will be in the future, stating this with confidence based on his first-hand knowledge. He was Defense Minister and before that, IDF Chief, when some of the acquisitions were made between Israel and Germany for the new submarines. He was opposed to the deal, but PM Netanyahu decided to use his authority to override him. Ya’alon has always maintained there was corruption and deal-making involved.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)