A Criminal Indictment Is Expected Against Former Coalition Chairman David Bitan


Israel Police will inform MK David Bitan in the coming month that it intends to recommend to the State Attorney’s Office to indict him for bribery in case 1083 against senior officials of the Rishon L’Tzion Municipality. His lawyer: “he is sticking to his innocence”.

According to the 10 News report, Bitan, suspected of accepting bribes of hundreds of thousands of shekels from his associates Moshe Yosef and Dror Glazer, is expected to stand up to police recommendations against him, when evidence of alleged bribery is backed up by tapes in the possession of the police. There are also expected to be money laundering and other tax offenses.

In the wake of the latest development in the investigation and indictment of MK David Bitan for accepting bribes, another important development is being recorded in the investigation.

Bitan himself has been questioned seven times in the affair, and at this stage is suspected of receiving a cumulative bribe of more than half a million shekels. In his last investigations, the MK decided to uphold the right to remain silent and refused to answer interrogators’ questions. Bitan claimed that the interrogators were exerting pressure on the suspects and trying to force them to testify against him – in which case he did not intend to retract the right to remain silent in future investigations.

About two months ago, Bitan was interrogated for the seventh time at Lahav offices. In the framework of the suspicions against him, he continued to maintain the right to remain silent despite the recordings made by the interrogators in which Glazer spoke with him and Merav Shmuli, discussing a project they wanted to promote.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)