Israel Dog Unit Continues The Search For Missing Norit Teva Of Kibbutz Glickson


Officials from the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) announced on Monday, 8 Iyar that the search for Norit Teva from Kibbutz Glickson will resume.

Norit mysteriously disappeared three weeks ago, March 23, and was last seen on the security cameras, leaving the kibbutz on foot, on her way to work in nearby Givaat Ada. Fear is mounting that she might have been attacked or kidnapped and if so, that her body might have been tossed in the nearby forest.

On Monday, together with Nurit’s brothers, the IDU, with cadaver dogs, plans to cover the area between her house and her place of work, if she had chosen to walk through the forest.

Volunteers can assist in such a case and anyone wishing to join the search is welcome to call Mike at 054-487-6709.

They resumed the search Monday morning, and issued the following statement. “It is important to find Nurit (hopefully alive) or to do whatever we can to recover Nurit’s body, and bring her remains to a proper Jewish burial. This becomes all the more important if something happened to her and if we can also find clues to lead us to those who might have harmed her.

“There has been no shortage of terrorist activities in Northern Israel. The fact that nobody has reported seeing her, since she went missing, is not a good sign. Let us hope and pray that she is alive somewhere. However, every day that passes, without any sign of life, does not bode well.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)