Report: Official In The Prime Minister’s Office Jailed Under A False Identity


An employee in a sensitive position in the Prime Minister’s Office was jailed under false identity and secrecy, the Haaretz newspaper reported Monday, 8 Iyar.

Haaretz reports that once the employer learned of the serious suspicions against the employee, all those involved in the affair – investigators and senior officials in the Prime Minister’s Office – were warned not to mention it at all, even with people from the government ministries, and to keep the affair under wraps. After the worker was confronted with the details and confirmed that he had committed the acts attributed to him, he was agreed to a lengthy prison sentence.

As for the secrecy surrounding his arrest and detention, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office say that this is required for a number of reasons. According to the sources quoted in Haaretz, exposing his identity will endanger his life. Today, the worker is held under a pseudonym, and only a few in the Israel Prison Service share the secret and are aware of the circumstances of the case and his true identity.

The Prime Minister’s Office claims that “this is an extreme and exceptional case, and that they do not recall a case like this,” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)