Thursday Night Protest And Atzeres Tefilla In Jerusalem Against ‘Giyus Banos’


Another protest is planned against the induction of frum women into the IDF is set to be held on Thursday, 11 Iyar, at 8:00PM. The event surrounds recent reports that military authorities have arrested a number of females for military service, as they were still secular at the time they were processed in an induction center.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Idiots seem to abound in places that used to be the haven for those seeking wisdom. a-holes with holes in their heads.

    The army does not take frum girls but it does check on girls who use ‘frumkite’ to get out and yet are far from shomer mitzvot. these do get drafted.

    with idiots like these people filling up the beis medresh, I can only offer my heartfelt sorrow for the next generation that is growing up thinking that rashiim are tzadikim and that the real tzadikim are gornisht….

  2. Perhaps we should organize a protest against Bitul Torah

    כשם שמצות תלמוד תורה גדולה יותר מכל המצוות, ושכרה שקול כנגד כל המצוות, כך עוון ביטול תורה חמור מאוד, ושקול כנגד כל העבירות
    ר’ יונה שערי תשובה

  3. meyushav: Thank you for pointing that out so I could find it. My browser disables images but I went to someone else’s PC to view it upon receiving your instructions so I could attend.

  4. @meyushav Just ignore the response from @Joseph.

    He is a bi-polar and suffers from all types of mental illness – and to top it off he is a compulsive liar. He sees all images.

  5. For those who missed it, YWN was modeh that they are frum now, in which case this is giyus banos which the Chazon Ish said is yehareg ve’al ya’avor, even for a girl who is completely irreligious.

    @Joseph, it has been postponed to next week due to inclement weather.

  6. I detest the Peleg clan to the extreme. The bochurim are supposed to be dedicating themselves to learning and Avodas Hashem, and these protests are anything but. Yet, I fully support the Atzeres Tefilo. I can even support a hafganah that is characterized by menchlich behavior, tefiloh and drashos. Once they start the evil of blocking streets, I wish them to be arrested and not provided any perks. I once sent several of my kids to Eretz Yisroel to learn. If I would have caught any of them engaging in these chilul Hashem behaviors, their stint in E”Y would have ended immediately. Daven away, chant whatever feelings you wish, but do not block the streets and damage the lives and schedules of innocent people. That’s rishus, not Avodas Hashem.