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Kahlon Remains Adamantly Opposed to Override Clause

After the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday approved the Override Clause, Moshe Kahlon, who went down to the south to see the damage caused by the ‘burning kites’ responds from the far South and says that the move that took place today is a violation of the coalition agreements.

Kahlon did not address the fact that his representative on the committee, Minister Yoav Galant, also supported the law. Kahlon said that “the faction has an agreement with the prime minister regarding the rule of law and the Supreme Court.

Kahlon added that “the faction of us all will not surrender to the extremists, they will not manage our agenda, the State of Israel is important to us and will not abandon it in the hands of extremists.” Kahlon also said that extreme moves will not bring us anywhere, and that my expectation and demand from the Prime Minister to moderate and calm the partnership in the coalition.”

The bill has been pulled from the agenda by Bayit Leumi on Monday, 22 Iyar, when it became clear, the Kulanu party is not going to support it in its current version and the wording will have to be amended

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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