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Report: Missiles Launchers Aimed At Israel Were Eliminated in Latest Strike Against Syria

Reuters, quoting a senior Syrian military official, reports that Israel targeted a Syrian military position in the latest aerial assault against that country. The report states the target was located south of Damascus.

In Israel, there were reports of suspicious troop activities in Syria on Tuesday evening, 24 Iyar, prompting the air force to scramble jets to the border and over Syria while bomb shelters in the Golan Heights were ordered opened, ready for an emergency. In Israel, there was a fear of an Iranian attack amid recent threats that such an attack will be forthcoming.

Yediot Achronot’s Ron Ben-Yishai reports that it is possible the attack was aimed at Iranian missiles launchers on that base. He opines that in recent attacks, Israel destroyed weapons and ammunition and now, Iran may have unveiled launchers in preparation for an attack and Israel detected them, deciding to act.

According to media reports, an Iranian general was among 9 reported killed in the attack. That said, the IDF Spokesman on Wednesday morning announced a return to the regular routine regarding school openings, outings and life in general.

According to a CNN report, quoting US military officials, Iran was about to launch an attack against Israel from that base. Both Israel and the US continue to closely monitor Iranian movements and activities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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