DM Lieberman: If Iran Attacks, The Response Will Be A ‘Mabul’


Addressing the annual Herzliya Conference, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke about the Iranian attack Wednesday night, when 20 rockets were fired by Iran, from Syria, against Israel.

Lieberman stated, “Not a single rocket made it to Israel”, as the Iron Dome intercepted some, while the others landed short of their intended targets. The senior minister added that “nearly all” of the Iranian military infrastructure in Syria was wiped out in the retaliatory strikes.

However, Lieberman added, “It’s not a stunning victory. At present, the confrontation is limited to us and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria. We all wish to limit this confrontation and keep it in this form.”

He warned the Iranians, explaining today they see the magnitude of the retaliatory strike, stating if Iran continues to strike out at Israel the response will be a “mabul”, stating “no attack against Israel will be forgiven…..We will not permit the religious extremist regime in Tehran to build a military power in Syria which poses a threat to Israel”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)