Neturei Karta Members Meet Erdogan In London Just After Calling Israel A “Terrorist & Apartheid State”


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received members of Neturei Karta in a closed-to-press meeting in London on Tuesday – just after calling Israel a “terror state”.

The Orthodox Jewish group led by Elchonon Beck held a meeting with Erdoğan, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik and Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of the Presidency Ibrahim Kalın in the Intercontinental Hotel that lasted for about half an hour, sources said.

Beck stated that Israel is the most dangerous country for Jewish people in the world today. He told Erdogan:

“Helping the Zionists is not in the interests of the Jewish people. If you want to help the Jews, come out and say loudly that you are against the state of Israel. We are against the occupiers. We want to bring peace to the area. As Jews, we pray for the complete dissolution of the Israeli state in a peaceful manner. We do not want two states either. We support the return of the Palestinian people. There Jews and Muslims can live together in peace.”

“We can live in peace and harmony all over the world in Palestine, as it was many years ago with Muslims.”

Tensions between Turkey and Israel continue to rise following the Hamas border attacks and Israel’s attempts to defend her borders on Monday. The Turkish consul in Jerusalem, Husno Gorkan Turkwollo, was invited to appear in front of a tribunal in the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday afternoon. Trukwollo was asked to return to Turkey in order to consult with his superiors. The move was made after Israel’s Ambassador to Turkey was returned from Ankara.

Earlier on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been known for his anti-Israel stances in the recent past, strongly attacked Israel’s efforts to defend itself in light of Monday’s attacks by Hamas against the Gaza fence. “Netanyahu has Palestinian blood on his hands and he is the Prime Minister of an Apartheid State,” Erdogan said. “Netanyahu is the head of a state that conquered the lands of defenseless people and held them for more than 60 years while flagrantly breaking international law and various U.N. resolutions. If you want a lesson with regards to the importance humanity and morality, he should read the Ten Commandments.”

Erdogan also tweeted that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

Netanyahu responded and said: “Erdogan, [who is one of the only political leaders in the world that supports Hamas] obviously doesn’t need a lesson from me in how to slaughter innocents and support terrorism. He is an excellent candidate for giving moral lessons to other countries.”

In addition to the Israeli Ambassador, Turkey also returned the U.S.Ambassador to its country in a response to the U.S. moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why don’t they just go live in Gaza already. They will have great lives there.

    Oh I forgot….they won;t be able to get any free health insurance. Yes. You read that correctly. Everyone one of these RODFIM get free health insurance from the State of Israel, even though they don’t recognize the “Medinah”.

  2. I am wondering why Yeshivah World News, waste their space with Avaryonim. Neturei Always meets with the enemy of Bnei Yisroel. Whether or not you agree with the current government in Israel. The amount of damage a Chillul Hashem they have caused is terrible but, In reality Yeshiva World should be ashamed of for giving these guys any platitude. If the Bais Hamikdosh was around they would be put in Cherem where they need to be.

  3. The question I always have is why does Israel let this scum back into the country each time they leave to spew their disease-ridden hatred?

  4. Erdogan should be ashamed of himself. Occupied for 60 years? Turkey has been occupying the defenseless Kurdish people’s lands for over 600 years!!
    By the way the Beck’s are from Monsey not “Palestine”!

  5. At some point, all these sarcastic comments about “neutralizing” or “exiling” these NK maggots who jeopardize the lives of millions of Israelis with their theatrics warrant more serious consideration. They are mamash terrorists and traitors and should be treated as such wherever in the world they surface.

  6. ooooooh, they are sooooo fruuuuum! It is interesting how people with NO brains can continue to grab headlines and mean with top antisemites around the world.

    Maybe being a frum anitsemite is a good parnasa????

  7. It always amused me how people get so outraged about the antics of a handful of people when the Leftists in Israel are far,far more dangerous ,have far,far more power and advocate for the same nonsense!

  8. 30 YEARS IN JAIL FOR EACH ONE OF THEM!! Every Country in the world would give worse punishment for meeting leader of enemy nation and supporting his hatred towards The Jewish State and the Jewish People Overall. Yemach Shemom!!

  9. While not condoning any of their activities, it’s worth realizing that these clowns (who are NOT — try to get this once and for all — Israeli citizens) do a lot less damage than, say, various big-mouthed leftists, both Israeli and non. Jewish BDS supporters, leftist academicians, writers, poets, etc. who are generally more influential than any NK guys.
    It’s time to identify the real problem. Some frum Jews are embarrassed by the behavior of some of their fellow frum Jews (NK). Something like the secular Jewish establishment in the U.S. that was embarrassed by the multitudes of observant Jews who were immigrating to the U.S. over a century ago. “We’re not like them….!”
    So, leftist Israeli professors, writers, TV broadcasters don’t embarrass you, even though they potentially can cause much greater damage. But, those frummy-looking Jews — THEY are an embarrassment And therefore only THEY are reshoim, rodfim, menuvalim, etc. Even though they are just a pathetic gang of attention-seeking misfits, who may or may not actually be frum Jews. Maybe it’s time to rise above all the emotions and try to ignore them as much as possible.

  10. Meeting with a bunch of lowlife that rely on government handouts. Turkey and the EU should be so proud. All hipocrites and liars