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WATCH: Media Takes Shots at Trump, Ivanka Over Gaza Violence; Disgusting NY Daily News Cover

Cover of Tuesday’s New York Post:

3 Responses

  1. PR is the easiest thing in the world for the Palis. Anytime there might be something that might focus on Israel in a positive way, the Palis set up a diversion like this and it works like a charm. The media are the useful idiots for them every time.

  2. The Palestinians are rioting and endangering peoples lives to receive left wing sympathy. Because the right just hate them. That means that dozens of Gazans are being killed because of the left cheering on the Hammas actions! If the left would see through the tactics and react like fox news without putting unfair pressure on Israel, the terrorists will have no reason to send people to die if there won’t be sympathy and thereby pressure Israel.

  3. In short, the sympathetic coverage is killing Arabs, innocent or not. Death is always a shame even when they deserved it. Imagine that your brother murdered and you were the executioner. You would shoot, and may be happy that there will be less murders now, but the excruciating pain and grief you will experience may be with you for your entire life. It’s sad. But it must be done.

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