Will Jerusalem Eliminate The Chareidi Education Unit As Feared?


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has decided to eliminate the Chareidi Education Unit in City Hall, a unit currently headed by Deputy Mayor Tzvika Cohen of Shas.

Over the past year, the unit has lost most of its authority, but now there is a dramatic change in the chareidi wing. A senior member of Yahadut Hatorah is quoted telling Kikar Shabbos News that this is a complete dismantling of the unit, not just modifying its authority.

“The Jerusalem municipality is exploiting the period of the elections and the criticism against the portfolio holder Tzvika Cohen in order to dismantle it,” he said.

This seems to indicate, significant things such as running the summer camps, activating the parades and implementing educational programs will no longer be carried out through the chareidi unit.

A Kikar News report adds, Yahadut Hatorah officials have convened un urgent session at the Jerusalem Municipality to discuss the mayor’s decision and actions. The reports a “senior unnamed official” of Degel explaining the party will not sit back and permit this to occur without a fight. A major battle is planned, as the chareidim are accusing Barkat of the decision, which they appear unwilling to accept as a fait accompli, planning the battle against it.

It is explained the timing is not coincidental, as is the uproar, for there are plans for chareidi sector construction for physical [badly needed] classrooms, thousands of classrooms and there are fears these classrooms may be lost.

He further explains the trouble is the result of a mini rebellion surrounding the fact that they were transferred from their area to another wing, to their disapproval.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)