Eshkol Regional Council Decides to Cancel Some Schools


There is mounting pressure among parents of children in the Eshkol Regional Council and while the IDF has instructed all concerned to maintain one’s regular routine, the council has decided to call off some schools, explaining they are unwilling to gamble regarding the welfare of children. It is admitted this is due in no small part to the increasing fear among parents.

The kindergartens will continue as they are totally fortified buildings and the children do not have to run when hearing the Code Red alert. In schools which are not totally fortified, requiring students to run for shelter, classes are being canceled at the initiative of the council leaders.

Earlier in the day, following the first volley of rocket fire into Israel, Gadi Yarkoni, who heads the Eshkol Regional Council, released the following message.

“We woke up this morning to a significant blow to our settlements. The barrage was fired just as the students were heading to school, so we stopped the transportation during the shooting. After consultation with the army, it was decided to renew the transportation and study system in all the educational institutions in the Council are held as usual.

“We are preparing for a complex morning in the educational institutions with the reactions of the children. Our educational teams, experienced and accompanied by professionals in the Council, are preparing to provide all the necessary solutions for our children. We are in constant contact with the army, at the moment there is no change in the instructions to the residents, and we are monitoring every development ”

President Reuven Rivlin this morning, Wednesday, 15 Sivan, telephoned the kindergarten of the community in which the rocket landed in proximity to the facility before the arrival of the children.

An IDF response is expected sooner, rather than later, as terrorists in Gaza continue to fire rockets into Israel.

The photo above shows the yard of the kindergarten where the rocket impacted earlier, prior to the arrival of the little ones.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Eshkol Council Spokesman Unit)