PM Netanyahu Continues Working To Bring Iranian Nuclear Aspirations To Forefront Of EU Agenda


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has enjoyed major success in recent week regarding efforts to keep the issue of Iran’s nuclear aspirations alive. He has brought the United States on board, with the White House now strongly behind Israel, leading to the cancelation of the agreement with Iran and renewed economic sanctions on Tehran as well.

The Prime Minister however has been less successful in such efforts on the European stage, yet he continues sending his message. Following are statements made in Knesset on Monday, 14 Sivan.

“Next week I will leave for Europe. I will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with French President Emmanuel Macron and perhaps with British Prime Minister Theresa May as well.

“I will discuss with them about blocking Iranian nuclear aspirations and Iranian expansion in the Middle East. I will present our positions as clearly as possible. We are already well experienced. For years we stood alone against these twin threats and I think that the situation has changed for the better. Of course, I will present these matters as vital to the security of Israel.

“Regarding Syria our position is clear: We believe that there is no room for any Iranian military presence anywhere in Syria. And of course, this reflects not only our position; I can say with certainty that it also reflects the positions of others in the Middle East and outside it. This will be the main focus of discussions there.

“In France I will also represent Israel at celebrations marking 70 years of ramified cultural relations between Israel and France; there is much to celebrate.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)