PHOTOS: Rabbonim Call On Females To Be Moser Nefesh – Not To Enter The IDF



Rabbonim have issued a kol korei to ‘bnos yisrael’, calling on them to be ‘moser nefesh’ and not to report to IDF induction centers even when instructed to do so.

Of late, there have been protests over the incarceration of a giyores, who is not viewed by the IDF as being frum despite letters and testimony from rabbonim.

She remains in military lock up.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. אשריכם ישראל
    Hopefuly the ערב רב will soon just concede to the fact that כלל ישראל’s long term servival is only with תורה ומצוות, and all their other empty coltures can bu chucked out the window..

  2. I wish moshiach should step in already and stop these apikorsim from being mechalel shem shomayim by forcing klal yisroel specially bnos yisroel into this barbaric nonsense ,and brake apart this system of evil !

  3. It should be noted that in recent months Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, along with the Mo’etzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisrael, and around 70 leading Sefardi Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva have come out saying the same thing; that it is assur for a girl to register for an exemption in person (at the Lishkat Hagiyus), only via certified mail or through the school as has been the accepted practice for the last 60 years.
    A little background:
    Unfortunately, in recent months the army started to refuse to accept the applications in bulk from the school, and started demanding that every girl register in person, where she can be subject to different means of coercion and persuasion, and anyway the atmosphere of the Lishkat Hagiyus is not a place for a frum girl. Hence the guidelines from the Rabbonim above.