Jerusalem: Boy Fell In Construction Pit And Will Collect NIS 380,000


A boy who left a Jerusalem playground after a fight with his friends stumbled and fell into a pit at a nearby construction site. Today, 13 years later, the municipality will compensate him for NIS 380,000, Ynet reported.

The prosecutor told the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court that as a child when he was in the playground in the capital, he got into an argument with a group of children and subsequently decided to leave. But his running away ended badly: he fell into a pit five meters deep, and as a result broke his leg and his head was bruised. To this day he is limited in routine activities.

The Jerusalem Municipality claimed that the pit had been illegally dug and sent inspectors with summonses to deal with the responsible parties. It should be emphasized that the site was privately owned and not owned by the municipality.

But Judge Muhammad Haj Yahya ruled that the municipality would pay the plaintiff NIS 380,000 in compensation for the damage to earning capacity, pain and suffering, assisting another, medical expenses and mobility.

In addition, the municipality will pay legal fees and court expenses, and the court explained in the ruling that the municipality was aware of the existence of the pit, yet it did not make sure to fence it in and to place warning signs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So with the logic of this argument is the judge saying that the State is now required to fence-in the illegal Bedouin structures as they house what is potentially a serious danger to the nation?