VIDEO: Netanyahu Endorses Elkin In Jerusalem Mayoral Race; Leon Responds



Jerusalem Mayoral candidate Minister Ze’ev Elkin received an endorsement from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

Using his twitter account to get the word out, PM Netanyahu tweeted “I support Minister Ze’ev Elkin in the Jerusalem mayoral race. As a MK and a minister, especially Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Elkin has worked a great deal on behalf of the capital and has proven the city remains very close to his heart. I wish him much success.”

In a video below, Elkin thanks Mr. Netanyahu. He says, “For many years I worked alongside the prime minister at important intersections in Israeli politics and we did many things together.

“I have no doubt that as mayor of Jerusalem, together with the prime minister, we will continue to work hand in hand and make Jerusalem stronger! ”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat tweeted “Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, for your unequivocal support for Ze’ev Elkin and for Jerusalem. Anyone who has the best interests of our capital must join us. Jerusalem is stronger with Elkin.”

Following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu endorsing Ze’ev Elkin in the Jerusalem mayoral race, candidate Moshe Leon released a video, expressing his confidence that he will succeed nevertheless, adding the following.

“Tonight, too, I believe and am certain that I will win and that I will be mayor of Jerusalem. Ze’ev Elkin is pressured for in the real polls I lead by a considerable margin. The Jerusalem public understands very well that there is a political deal over its head. The Jerusalem public does not want politics, but rather a mayor who comes from the field of management, business and the business sector, in order to bring about the change that Jerusalem needs so much.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: חדשות רוטר)