Bayit Yehudi Chairman, Minister Bennett, Apologizes to Druse Leaders


Minister Naftali Bennett was the first cabinet minister to say that there is a need for a change in the Nationality Law in the context of the Druse community’s protests. In a special letter released on Wednesday, 20 Menachem Av to members of the community, he calls for the drafting of a special law that will permanently determine the status of the Druse community in Israel.

He points out that “the Druse community does not have to prove its loyalty to the State of Israel to anyone, nor the strength of the alliance that exists … The 70 years of the state prove this beyond any doubt.”

However, Bennet claimed that “every decent person who reads the Nationality Law will agree that there is no violation of the individual rights of any Israeli citizen, certainly not members of the wonderful Druse community, despite the crisis and protest surrounding the Nationality Law.

“On the contrary,” the minister added, “it is a vital law, but for a variety of reasons, the Druse community is hurt and cries due to its cumulative pain.”

Bennett later noted two dangers: that the community might emerge from the Israeli consensus and become a subject of political controversy. The second is the distancing of the certain Druse population from a connection to the State of Israel. Both of them said they were “serious dangers, and everyone should now refrain from actions and statements that will hurt us all for years to come.”

Surrounding the protests of the media and those opposed to the law, Bennet adds, “There are certain players who are not pure of heart, opting to exploit the distress of the Druse community in order to sabotage the Nationality Law and to create a chasm between the Druse community and the State while this does not interest the Druse community”.

Bennet explains the considerations for the community should have been included, but stresses, the law as it stands today is “essential and important”, advising all to read the law and familiarize themselves with it before drawing conclusions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)