Peleg Vandalism: Protesters Bust into Hall to Disrupt Hamodia Correspondent’s Lecture [VIDEO]


Dozens of Peleg protesters on Monday evening entered the Payis Center in the Ramat Elchanan neighborhood of Bnei Brak after their protest in the city against the arrest and incarceration of talmid Nissan Raada by military police. Their mission was to disrupt a lecture being given by noted journalist Yisrael Katzover, the political/security correspondent for the Hamodia newspaper.

The talmidei yeshivos who listened attentively to the lecture tried to expel the intruders, and a real confrontation developed between the sides as they threw chairs and objects against each other. It was only after the intervention of the police and Yassam special forces that were summoned to the area, was Katzover returned to the hall in the building and permitted to continue his lecture. Those present described the event as a “despicable Chilul Hashem!”

According to the participants, “this is brazenness, to try to interfere with experiential activity for the residents of Bnei Brak, and children from talmidei torah and yeshivos who wished to hear from a military expert about iDF operations in the North and South, but the Peleg hoodlums had other plans.”

It is noted that the edition of HaPeles of the following morning, the Peleg-affiliated newspaper, it was written that the demonstrators protested against “the introduction of improper content through summer events in Bnei Brak.”

According to the newspaper, “this is a shameful attempt to cooperate with government officials who set themselves a goal to change the way of life of the chareidi tzibur and assimilate it in secular life and in bad culture.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. hopefully when chodesh elul begins they will resume more batalah as opposed to having all the free time to demonstrate. to help them in yeshivah, the police should clean the BM with some foul smelling water to make the returning bochurim feel at home

  2. It’s hard to tell who’s the good bachurim and who are the thugs. I feel bad for that tall kid who got hit in the head with a metal vase. Bachurim hitting and swinging at each other is extremely painful to watch. Is this what Moshe Rabbeinu witnessed with Dasan and Avirom? Terrible. It reflects bad on all of us.

  3. Shame on you, i would call you all self hating jews. Because you dont care that a frum bucher is sitting in jail r”l just for being a jew and follow the torah rules in the “jewish” land that was given to us by god only if we keep the torah – this doesn’t mean that the peleg is not allowed to turn over the country till the zionists will fully stop to arrest yeshiva boys. if the zionists wants to discriminate the torah then “they” should leave this country, that was given to us 1000’s of years ago only if we keep the torah. the only conncection that jews have to this piece of land in the middle east is only 1 tie: the holy Torah. Stop attacking the Peleg in all your hating comments, they’re 100% right!

  4. Not getting involved
    August 9, 2018 11:48 am at 11:48 am
    It’s hard to tell who’s the good bachurim and who are the thugs. I feel bad for that tall kid who got hit in the head with a metal vase. Bachurim hitting and swinging at each other is extremely painful to watch.
    When you play in the filtht mud ,expect to get dirty!
    Serves him right.

  5. Curious to hear what the peleg supporters commentators from yesterday have to say.
    One must be blind or inept not to see the pairos of their mehalech. Never in Klal Yisroel did our Rabbonim approve of such disgusting behavior. Complete holilus. How could one cause damage to another and then hope to have siyate dishmaya to understand a Pnai Yehoshuah? It doesn’t work. Another few years of this and Peleg will be more akin to Reform Judaism than to achainu Bnai Yisroel ר”ל.

  6. Sorry “Abe”, frum and others can only exist in Eretz Yisroel because of the IDF and government as flawed as it may be. We are in galus in Eretz Yisroel too.
    A bochur once asked Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach z’tl about going to visit kivrei tzaddikim in Tzfas during the zman. He told him not to go and that if he wanted to visit kevarim of mekadshei Shem shamayim, he should do as he does and go to a local military Bais Olam.

  7. Abe Badal, where are you getting your information from? Other than peleg, all Rebbes and Roshai Yeshiva say the bochurim show show up for their dichoy. This is what Rav Shach held, the Steipler as well as the Chazon Ish.
    This guy isn’t in jail for being a ben Torah. He is in jail for not following daas Torah.

  8. Whatever happened to saying Tehillim with tears streaming down one ‘s cheeks that the bachur should be released??
    And if one really feels one needs to demonstrate ,go to the actual jail,where the bachur is being held and demonstrate there.
    Beating up people with the different hashkafa than yours is not going to help anyone,but make things worst.

  9. peleg are frum thugs and terrorists. The try to force their perverted view on everyone and have no derech eretz. So what good is their torah (I used small caps on purpose) their leaders (don’t use word ‘rabbi’ for the leaders of these thugs) should be jailed and put on a work gang digging ditches.

  10. Reply to ABE BASAL: proof your Wrong is There are Thousands of Thousands Of Yeshiva Guys Learning Full Time in More Yeshivas than ever in History Not Serving who have Legally filed Exemptions from Army. The Peleg Are Bittul Zman in Streets Rioting Like Goyim Arab Chicago Ghetto Youth because they don’t want to have to File Exemptions even though they File for Health Cards, Banks, Passports and Driver Licenses. Law of the Land is the Halacha- civility in Society is the Law. In USA when there was a Vietnam DRAFT, The Yeshiva Bochurs had to File Exemptions, they couldn’t RIOT LIKE ANIMALS, Motzei Shem Rah making Bnei Torah look like disgusting Lowlifes. HOW DARE THEY BRING SHAME AND DISHONOR to a Bnai Torah reputation? They have to act at all times with dignity and derech Eretz! Other FRUM JEWS have THEIR KIDS RISK THEIR LIVES ARRESTING TERRORISTS IN RAMALLAH – Show Respect for the ones who do Sit in Hot Tanks Shooting Terrorists! While you Learn! So stop LYING!

  11. its time for the truth, your assertion that I am also reb yidd is not true. why are you lying about me? I have a Ph.D. hence the dr. as part of my title. many know who I am and know I do not use 2 monikers on the same site.

    explain what caused you to make this up!

  12. Peleg proves through its public behavior that it has as much to do with Torahs Moshe as a pork sandwich.
    Dress yeshivish externaly, total spiritual rot inside.