Restrictions in Place for Gaza Border Communities Following a Night of Warfare [UPDATED]


After a night of warfare, in which the IDF retaliated for the approximately 180 rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel, the air force targetd no less than 140 terrorist objectives in Gaza.

According to the IDF Spokesman Unit, targets hit by the air force include Hamas headquarters in Jabalya, a military installation in Gaza City, a major Hamas base in Jabalya, a military training facility in Gaza City, and many more.

According to various reports, most of the areas hit were empty, as Hamas terrorists and their commanders fled in expectation of retaliatory strikes. Southern area residents question the value of the attacks, as the rocket fire seems to continue unabated.

On Thursday morning, 28 Menachem Av, the IDF Homefront Command has announced the following restrictions which apply in all communities up to seven kilometers from the Gaza border.
• All summer camps in communities along the Gaza border have been canceled
• Farm workers may not work their fields in those areas
• Israel Railways has ceased service on the Ashkelon Sderot line
• Sapir College has announced the cancelation of all classes
• Zikim beach is closed
• All gatherings are limited to a maximum of 300 persons
• Municipal services will be limited

7:49AM: As this is being published, sirens are sounding in the Gaza border area of Nir Ohz and neighboring communities.
UPDATE: Kol Chai Radio reports two women were injured from rocket fire in Sderot this morning, with one in serious condition.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is conferring with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman this morning, along with IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott and other senior defense/intelligence community leaders. The Security Cabinet will be convening today as well.

The following update was received this morning from Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.
• 23 victims of rocket fire arrived at the hospital during the night.
• One required complicated vascular surgery
• Four pregnant women are reported in good condition and have been admitted for observation
• Two persons were admitted, complaining of “chest pain”
• The remainder were treated for hysteria and orthopedic injuries

Update from Soroka Hospital in Beersheva
A woman who was injured has come out of surgery and is listed in moderate-to-serious condition in an intensive care unit. Two men who were also injured in the same incident are listed in light condition.

The attached photos show the damage to a residential building under construction in Sderot last night.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: חדשות רוטר)