Bnei Brak Light Rail Work Halted On Yom Kippur But Scheduled To Continue This Shabbos


Residents of the Kiryat Herzog neighborhood of Bnei Brak report that Chinese workers employed on the Tel Aviv light rail were present on the site during Yom Kippur, Kikar Shabbos News reports.

According to the residents, the mining machines operating 24 hours a day did not operate on Yom Kippur, but the residents claim workers were on the site during the holy day.

According to the residents, they could not tell whether the workers worked during Yom Kippur or whether they were just staying in order to safeguard the expensive equipment used to mine the light rail line.

Either way, this coming Shabbos, the Chilul Shabbos is expected to continue, and for now the negotiations between the municipality and Danya Cebus have not succeeded in bringing a halt to the Shabbos work.

Bnei Brak City Hall has come out with a proclamation that it is officially becoming involved in growing efforts to bring a halt to the weekly Chilul Shabbos surrounding the light rail project in the Torah City.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Makes no sense to halt work on Yom-Kippur, but work on Shabbos, because:-
    1) Yom-Kippur is only an Issur Koreis, whereas Shabbos is an Issur Sekiloh.
    2) What is point of repenting on Yom-Kippur, if thereafter continue Chillul Shabbos.