WATCH: Police Rescue 3 Frum Soldiers From Angry Mob In Meah Shearim


Three Frum IDF Soldiers needed to be rescued by police in Meah Shearim on Thursday.

It happened at around 3:00PM at the Ohr Hachayim Seforim Center (also known as Manny’s), when three soldiers visited the store to purchase Seforim.

It started with a small crowd screaming and protesting, and soon grew into an angry mob of a few hundred angry people. The usual shouts of “Nazi” and “Chardak” were heard, as police arrived to extricate them from the area.

Various items were thrown at the soldiers and police.

Boruch Hashem there were no injuries reported.

VIDEO VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Shame on these animals who although they feel they are soooo FRUM since they dress sooo frum yet their actions are nothing but a Chillul HaShem !

    OK, if you don’t like the state of Israel, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it. But to cause other Jews harm because they disagree with you? This is not the Jewish way, this is the way of the Polish goyim, and so is the manner of their dress!

  2. These “fringe” hudlooms should make good use of thier own lulavim and stab themselves al kiddush hashem.
    Apparently, the fact that yom kippur just ended means nothing to them.

  3. It is shameful and right after Yom Kippur too. Just goes to show that saying אשמנו and clopping על חטא was just a sham. Even if someone believes it is wrong to join the Israeli army that doesn’t give him the right to attack a fellow Jew for doing so. Most likely the עברה of mistreating the soldiers is far worse than the “עברה” of being in the Israeli army.

  4. what really is incredible is that we are less than 24 hours away from having poured out our hearts to H”KBH for forgiveness. Its amazing the total disconnect between tefilos and some peoples actions.

  5. The news would have been better if there were a large number of [non critical] injuries to the protesters. My family do not have boys who served in the Israeli army but in the army of Hashem in learning, but we all have the utmost respect or all those who for whatever reason do serve. Shame on those with nothing better to do than scream nazi. When will the authorities and the police realize that by treating these hooligans with kid gloves they are simply sending a message that they can carry on just as they like.

  6. If these chayalim were attacked by Palestinian terrorists, those under attack would have unquestionably used their weapons to deter the attackers. Why are there different rules of engagement when the attackers are wearing yiddeshe lvush? As Avrami’s posting above so accurately noted, there sadly needs to be blood on the floor and broken bones until these Chareidi animals are convinced that ANY attack on a member of the IDF will be met countered with FORCE. From a legal perspective, I doubt there are any consequences for those standing by watching and not doing anything to assist the soldiers or to restrain the attackers.

  7. I am never surprised by these incidents. The mobs in Mea Shearim are worthless Jews-By-Birth-Only, so it doesn’t make a difference if it’s before YK, after YK or on YK.
    What continues to amaze me is that their leaders remain silent. I would not חס ושלום say their leaders are worthless, but I’m trying to figure out exactly what their worth is.

  8. Actually, it is the one’s yelling nazi, who most exemplify nazi behavior. These very foolish creatures, do not realize that their grandparents were screamed at in the “alta heim” for being Yidden. If not for these brave frum chaylim, these creatures would probably all be dead.

  9. And yet another twisted story by ywn.
    Ywn just loves bringing out the worst of the Yerushelyim yiden. The ones that the rambam and so many others did not stop praising. Yes they fight for their long legacy of extreme yidishkeit more then everyone els. But to take a group of 15 Neturei karta retards that act always crazy, and paint all the kanoiem like they are dangerous, violent fanatics, and write
    “oon grew into an angry mob of a few hundred angry people.” Shame on your fake news. I was there, it was 15 Neturei Karta retards that were actually yelling at all the normal yerushalmi bystanders that they were bad for not helping in the protest. If it would be a “angry mob of a few hundred people” you would have much more then one police car and 2 bike cops.

  10. these are frum soldiers going to buy seforim! what is their problem? once and for all, why don’t they arrest the instigators? throw them into prison for a few days.

  11. Maybe if all electric and water services were shut to the area during the demonstration, but nor for less thatn an hour, and postal services stopped delivering for the day every time this happens, the general population would put a halt to this.
    Th efactthat the general population of Meah Sharim and othe rcharedi neighborhood tolerate it, even though they don’t actively participate, allows this to continue.

  12. #1. We should not comment if we were not there as we have no idea what took place.
    #2. There are a lot of seforim stores in Yershulaim many that are not in meah shearim so its not like they didnt have a different place to go meaning that there can be two sides to the story although no one might be right

  13. I am starting to think that real yerushalmi yidden live south of rechove Yaffo .
    North of that is the islamic state of al quds
    When are the silent chareidim going to prove me wrong by standing up for whats right?
    Not here, but on the street.

  14. It didn’t use to be like this but the government with its threats to force frum Yidden into the anti-religious IDF and all the “share the burden” nonsense has polarized the frum community into intolerance of anyone in a uniform that represents the government ‘s secular coercion in some people’s eyes.

  15. Bramo: Not sure if you are trolling or deliberately trying to appear stupid. Who cares if there are OTHER seforim stores in Yerushalayim. These are frum young men wishing to buy Seforim not magazines with pritizus. They should be able to go anywhere they want to purchase whatever they want and if you and if these zealots don’t like it , too bad. Stop trying trying to infer this attack was somehow justified.

  16. Gadolhadorah you write ” there sadly needs to be blood on the floor and broken bones until these Chareidi animals…”
    You also demand security forces ‘use their weapons’ i.e. open fire on Haredi protestors’
    I am considering going to the police about your incitement to murder.

  17. Gadolhadorah what i meant is that like it or not there are people who will scream at the soldiers and the soldiers know that so if you can get what you need in a different seforim store then why risk the chance at getting screamed at.

  18. Reb dons says:
    ….You also demand security forces ‘use their weapons’ i.e. open fire on Haredi protestors’
    I am considering going to the police about your incitement to murder.
    Reb dons , while your at the police station filing for an online incitement , dont forget to also mention about your own danger to society at large regarding your online thuggery tactics, and your addiction to online shmutz and worse.

  19. Bramo: They can scream all they want but the first time they throw a rock or put a hand on any IDF soldier, we should encourage the IDF to authorize lethal force. If these animals want to be martyrs for their cause, the medinah can afford a few rounds of ammunition. At some point, there will have to be a determination as to how much and how long the medinah will tolerate terrorism from within.

  20. As others have noted, this particular anecdote involving yelling is NOT the worst case secenario. There are sadly, too many recent events where security forces have been physically attacked and had objects thrown at them. The latter could easily result in death or serious injury and warrant being treated as any other terrorist attack. However, EY guarantees the rights of all citizens to freedom of speech and yelling Nazi at an IDF soldier is disgusting but not per se anything that warrants a forceful response.