Mayor Barkat Says UNRWA is Strengthening Terror in Jerusalem, Wants Them Ousted



Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Wednesday morning attended a session of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee, calling to oust UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine) from the capital.

Barkat said, “UNRWA is strengthening terror, I am revealing here a textbook that was taught in their schools and praising terrorist Dalal Mughrabi from the bloody bus bombing in Herzliya, which resulted in the murders of 38 civilians. This is what the children of Jerusalem are taught under their auspices, terror, and this must be stopped.

“It is time to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem and replace their failing education, welfare, health, and cleaning services with municipal services. This is also the desire of the Arab residents themselves. The time has come to stop the lies of the refugees in Jerusalem. There are no refugees, but residents and they have to receive the services from the municipality like any other resident. President Trump’s decision to cut support for UNRWA creates a window of opportunity for implementing the plan and putting an end to historical distortion.”

The accompanying photos are taken from a textbook used by UNRWA in which terrorists are portrayed as heroes worthy of praise.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: קבוצת רוטרניק)