TERROR: Waves of Balloon Bombs Launched From Gaza Against Israel


A balloon bomb was found on Sunday in the farming town of Ben Zakkai which is located near the city of Yavneh. Police sappers were called to the scene to defuse the bomb. The managed to succeed at defusing it before it exploded and prior to any serious damage being caused.

Since 3:00AM on Sunday morning, numerous fires began in the Gaza periphery inside Israel due to waves of balloon bombs being launched from Gaza.

Two of the balloons launched landed in the Regional Council area of S’dot Hanegev. One of the bombs exploded just a few meters away from the head of security of the town it landed in. Miraculously, he was uninjured.

The Police Spokesperson’s Office issued a statement that called for the public to dial 100 in case they see any suspicious item attached to a balloon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)