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Peleg Shuts Bnei Brak Streets Thursday Afternoon; Multiple Arrests Made [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

The Peleg Yerushalmi protested in Bnei Brak on Thursday night.

The Peleg had cooled down protests ahead of elections, but shortly before election day, Yeshiva Bochur Meir Elyashiv was arrested in the Peleg election headquarters in Modi’in Illit for failing to report to the draft.

On Thursday morning, 23 Marcheshvan, after the election, the Peleg broadcast system resumed, business as usual and the return to demonstrations. The Peleg robo phone calls resumed Thursday morning, reaching thousands to announce that on Thursday afternoon at 3:45PM, protests will resume at the intersection of Jabotinsky and Hashomer in Bnei Brak to decry the continued incarceration of Elyashiv.

At least 13 protesters were arrested. About a dozen injuries were reported, believed to be minor. A protester was also run over by a police horse (see video below) but was fortunately not seriously injured.

VIDEOS AND PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים


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FRIGHTENING: #Peleg protester run over by #police horse. B”H not seriously injured

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🎶🎵#peleg #Giiiiivaaaaalllltttt

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

17 Responses

  1. No words. Stop supporting them. Do not give to Adopt a Kollel, BMG, Fallsburg, Chaim Berlin. You are supporting these fanatics If you do.

  2. That’s funny – I don’t see any of these bochurim amongs the Shas Yidden picutres shown in a different story!

    Is it possible that all of the Shas Yidden are spending their time becoming beki’im in Shas and don’t have time to participate in Peleg demonstrations?

  3. Peleg is getting stronger politically every year, adding more voters voting for them and more political power.

    Peleg’s breaking off from Degel is similar to what happened 25 years ago when Degel broke off from the Agudah.

  4. These boychickles should be in the Beis Medrash learning instead of creating a Chilul Hashem in front of the treif media.
    Contribute to the security of the fellow Yidden or move back to Lakewood or Monsey.

  5. Why are the jewish Israeli police so aggressive when it comes to chareidi
    I suggest it maybe because they know
    Most of them have not been to gym

  6. As many as can get through any levaya or rebbisheh chassuna that closes streets but noone has a prob with that…
    Its all a matter of importance some ppl think protesting against jailing a yeshiva bachur for obeying his gedolim who have prohibited obtaining a defferment (because, as the goverment itself testified in court, doing so is critical to the goverments plan to get the weaker chareidim to enlist (remember R shteinman’s famous letter to R Don Segal states that as long as one is not a mechalel shabbos even if he is not learning it is an “unforgivable sin” to cause him to go to the army) is just as important as a rebbesheh chassuna or the like…

  7. Imagine some neo-Nazi watching this video. What do you think is going through his sick mind? “Hey, if the Hebes can do this to each other, what’s wrong if we do it too?” You are putting ideas in their twisted brains. In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Pittsburgh, maybe it would be prudent to chill on these rather graphic videos? You don’t really think that only (frum) Jews look at YWN, do you? I agree peleg is at fault, but we are supposed to be more mature and responsible.

  8. > ytvalumni November 1, 2018 11:53 am at 11:53 am
    > Peleg’s breaking off from Degel is similar to what happened 25 years ago when Degel broke off from the Agudah.

    While I don’t know much about when “Degel broke off from the Agudah”, I doubt they had these kind of activities at the time, at least, not as an identifiable characteristic that distinguished between the two. And if these things grow, perhaps the secular and even non-Jews (like the Muslims) will take notice, and action, when it starts affecting them more?

  9. how things have changed for the worse. I remember when yeshiva men were looked up to for their refined midos and their sharp brains, but things have changed.

    Today these idiots show the world that although the biggest sin is chillul haShem and it can be committed by yeshiva men, that the yeshiva is no longer a place of virtue but one of sin and sin more.

    I remember when rabbis were brilliant in Torah and good deeds, today we have people who can learn gemora well but well they lack in common sense and have become the leaders of evil.

    To go into the street and cause havoc, to cause inconvenience to innocent people, is that what Torah is about? to learn for years but be afraid to go into the world for fear that it will corrupt you, is that what Torah is about?

    Their rabbis are bums and will definitely rot in gehinom with this stupid talmidim right behind them.

  10. Well no, it’s definitely not just frum Jews who read the articles and watch the videos at Yeshiva World News because my fairly decent level of frum but non Jewish self reads the articles and watches the videos here.

    I support the Peleg. There. I said it. Their protests, demonstrations and rabble rousing all come from a place of a deeply held faith, belief, and obedience to the will and desire of G~d. G~d is timeless, faithful and everlasting. The Torah is eternal as are the laws laid out and given us by Hashem as a blueprint for living.

    Does anyone, even for two seconds, think they enjoy the confrontational nature of these demonstrations? Of being abused and humiliated by those in authority? Of being dragged and thrown through the streets like stray cats? Of course not. They do so out of faith and obedience to the higher laws of G~d and Torah. It’s absurd to expect G~d to change so as to satisfy an increasingly hedonistic secular society. It’s not going to happen. Better then, at the very least, to treat those demonstrating in obedience to their faith as human beings formed and created by the hand of G~d Himself.

    BTW? I’m Catholic. To the core. I just happen to recognize faith when I see it.

    Moderators Note: What “Catholic” writes God as G-D? So now we have Peleg supporters pretending to be Catholics. Interesting.

  11. but when the handicapped people close the roads and demand that they recieve minimun wage for watching TV, that’s just fine.

  12. I don’t understand from where “ ” gets the idea that anyone here approves “when the handicapped people close the roads” or how that is even relevant.
    The actual points are that these Peleg people are doing it in the name of Yiddishkeit and those of us who take Yidishkeit seriously have to show our disapproval of their stance, and further. that we who take Yidishkeit have the right to expect better from those who make a public image of Yidishkeit. That is relevant to the name and objective of this website.

  13. Dear Mr. Moderator,

    As regards to what kind of a “Catholic” writes God as G~d?

    A genuflecting, rosary praying, candle lighting, one bread, one body kind of Catholic who will be surely riding the rails of prayer and repentance sometime late Saturday afternoon after confessing the expletive that instinctively shot out of her mouth upon reading your interesting addendum to her post when making Reconciliation before hitting the 10:30 a.m. Mass Sunday morning. That’s who.

    It’s a matter of having respect and sensitivity for one’s surroundings. I would never traipse myself through an area known for being heavily populated with ultra observant Jews in ways meant to provoke, make light of, or leave people feeling uncomfortable with my choices in look, way or dress. It’s rude. Just like I know it would be rude to come onto a Conservative site where I know there is a broad cross section of readership and that there are those among them who find casually throwing around the name of G~d to be a sinful thing. An unholy thing. It doesn’t take any extra effort from me to use G~d instead of God. It’s a no brainer to me to opt for that which is respectful of the site and its’ readership.

    I have strong ties of friendship in the Jewish communities of North York and Richmond Hill here in Toronto. Ties strong enough so as to find my daughter’s godparents among them. Everything I know about what it is be respectful of my surroundings in a Jewish community comes from them.

    There is a lot more that I can say but I’ll leave it with this…
    Today, November 2’nd is All Souls Day. I went to Mass this morning in memory of all those who moved on to the next life ahead of me. Thank goodness I only read your Moderator’s Note after returning back home from church because I wouldn’t have been able to take the Eucharist had I read it prior on account of the words that flew out into the air. Here’s a nice word I learned from reading here… “treif”. It encompasses so much of that which is distasteful right up all the way to disgusting. Without the Sacrament of Reconciliation after those words I am “treif” to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Should you still have doubt as to the veracity of my Catholicism I suppose I could outline the differences between “Transubstantiation” and “Transfiguration”. Just say the word..

    P.S. I STILL support Peleg. They’re righteous.

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