Above Ground Chilul Shabbos On Bnei Brak Section Of Light Rail


Despite the large protests and unified efforts that took place to halt public chilul Shabbos regarding work on the light rail in Bnei Brak, above ground chilul Shabbos on the project continues. This was the case this past Shabbos near Sheshet HaYamim Street, with work continuing above ground.

Since the large protest, the work on the light rail project in Tel Aviv was only conducted under ground on Shabbos, not above ground in plain sight. Shabbos activist Chaim Zlatz was there to protest this past Shabbos. He explains that he shouted and also tried to halt the chilul Shabbos, to stop the tractor, and states he was successful, with work halting for a number of hours. He explains he has already brought the matter to the attention outgoing and incoming mayors of the Torah city.

The company carrying out the work, נת”ע, (NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.) insists that in the Bnei Brak area, only work directly related to the safety of the residents is being carried out on Shabbos in line with the court ruling, and unfortunately, Bnei Brak City Hall is the one not adhering to the court’s ruling and continues to sabotage the project from moving forward towards serving area residents.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)