VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Deadly Jordan Valley Road Claims 6 Additional Lives in Sunday Morning Crash



Once again, the twisting Jordan Valley Road, Route 90, officially known as the Rechavam Ze’evi Highway, has claimed lives. Six PA Arab residents were killed early Sunday morning in the latest fatal accident on the road, near Petzael.

MDA reports the call for the accident involving a truck and a minibus arrived at 5:34AM and EMTs and paramedics responded. The first units to arrive on the scene explain the minibus transporting the Palestinians sustained serious frontend damage from the truck.

After extricating victims and triaging and treating them, it was determined that six Palestinians were killed, all inside the minibus.

Others were injured and transported to the trauma unit of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

Hadassah spokesperson Hadar Elboim reported three victims arrived in the trauma center, a 17-year-old male in light condition, a 31-year-old male in light condition, and a 50-year-old male in moderate condition.

One victim arrived in critical condition with serious head injuries, intubated and paramedics were assisting his respirations. After being treated in the trauma unit he was taken to an ICU.

Just last week, the Attar family from Psagot was killed in a head-on condition on the same road. The entire family was R”L burned alive in the crash, parents in their 40s and their six children.

The latest accident brings the death toll on the road in the past days to 17!

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Does anyone really care about the loss of any “palestinians”? Boruch Hashem, it just means 6 less terrorists to deal with. I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  2. I’m really sorry. Do you think this is the response that Hashem wants us to have?
    According to the Chofetz Chaim, everything that happens, even to a non Jew, is a message to us as Jews to return to Hashem.
    We are children of Avrohom Avinu, Rachmanim, a merciful people.
    Please, let’s listen to our messages. Hear the mercy that Hashem is having on our nation, and let’s return to Hashem before we need more wakeup calls.

  3. Do me a favor, all you geniuses who comment from under your covers out of sheer boredom. The world’s eyes are upon us. The world can read your pathetic posts. And if your post cause more antisemitism, that’s on YOU. Let me remind you, HaShem created ALL of us. Jews. Arabs. Whites. African Americans. We are all His children. And since He’s their father, be smart and do what you’ve been told since you first opened your mouth with shtus. Shut it.

  4. It is not a wise idea to put such comments on the world wide web. It happens to be that some of the palestinians , they actually help Israel in a number of ways. Did you forget the story that some Jewish people got lost and ended up by the arabs and there was a neutral Arab family that helped them and they were kept in their house until the Israeli army came to get them. I am sure you can google that story. Until Moshiach comes, we are better off if we stop “Cheppering” our enemies. The whole world has access to this site.

  5. Hashemschild

    Don’t you think that you / we should be addressing YWN instead of these writers?
    THEY may be of limited mental capacity, but this medium (YWN) cannot afford the luxury of hiding
    behind such an excuse.