MIRACULOUS: Chareidi Soldiers Exited Bus One Minute Before Hamas Rocket Blew It Up [SHOCKING FOOTAGE]


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The Yad Hashem was openly seen repeatedly in Southern Israel on Monday, as more than 300 rockets rained down on Israeli cities, killing one civilian. In an incredible miracle, Hamas fired a rocket at a bus that had been carrying Chareidi soldiers to the Gaza border, but all escaped unharmed.

Large groups of soldiers arrived in Israel’s south on Monday as part of the increase of military personnel in the area following a tense weekend on the Gaza border. This particular group of soldiers arrived prior to the beginning of the barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip that erupted just after 4:30PM local time.

According to Bechadrei Charedim, the bus that brought the soldiers down to the area, dropped off groups of soldiers in different locations as was pre-planned by the IDF. The last stop was near Kibbutz Kfar Azza, a few kilometers from the Gaza border and opposite a town in Gaza known as Jabaliya, located in the northern Gaza Strip.

The last soldiers to leave the bus gathered their gear and headed to the appointed meetup spot in at the IDF Black Arrow monument in a nearby thicket of woods, leaving just the driver on board.

Moments later, the bus, which had no markings identifying it as military, pulled out into the open and was immediately struck by a Kornet anti-tank missile. The direct hit on the bus caused it to erupt in flames.

Footage of the shocking incident was captured by Hamas, who published it online:

One soldier, aged 19, who was apparently standing near the outside of the bus, was severely injured in the resulting explosion.

The soldier transported to the trauma center in Soroka hospital for treatment and surgery.

The driver, 25, was also treated for shock.

The bus had been filled with soldiers who are residents of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Netivot, Beer Sheva, Afula and other cities.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. B”H….if anyone ever doubted the risks to their lives that the young chayalim from the IDF are taking on every day, this should put an end to any such uncertainty. May hashem continue to watch over these brave young men and women of the IDF as they risk their lives to protect everyone in EY, including those who mindlessly protest their existence.

  2. you know what this pathetic coward ‘Pipi NothingYahoo is going to do ? answer: he will send Hamas another fifty million in cash,
    In any other normal country thisTraitorous regime would have been vomited out by it’s citizens and the leaders put on trial for high treason and would find themselves hanging from the gallows

  3. From the vantage point of these Hamas animals; this was clearly a direct attempt to murder many Israeli soldiers. It was a direct attack on the bus. So why on earth is Israel bombing buildings and TV stations????? Take their leaders out, one by one. When Israel wants to, they know exactly how to do just that. It’s crazy how they can observe and monitor the Israeli soldiers from so close. It is clear they can murder many soldiers if they choose to escalate things.

  4. I dont have anything to add — except that my friends son (a chayal boded) apparently was one of the boys from that unit who exited the bus moments before. When my son was in the army (also a chayal boded) — it was much worse than i thought it would be for us. The worry that is. A non Jewish co-worker once asked me what was wrong — and i said that the situation in Israel was worsening. And she said,” I dont understand, but dont you believe “Esa anai el haarim…”” (She said it in English).

  5. I know that area like the back of my hand, – Black arrow memorial. I regularly do firearms training in nearby Nir Am. You wouldn’t have dreamt that Hamas could do a horizontal rocket strike like that from that distance- the border is literally miles away! It was done with a Russian made ‘Kornet’ (thanks Vladimir!) which is a cutting edge guided missile. On the video you can hear the launch of the missile 8.5 seconds before impact- as the bus turns the corner. You know how far away they must have launched it?!!!!! Terrifying to know they have those missiles and can do what they want from the border. High time to wipe out Hamas once and for all……

    Gadolhadorah- When you write ‘including’ do you mean you are including them -that Hashem should protect them, or ‘including’ means the IDF also protects them as well?
    Also -Please always refer to ‘Hashem’ with a capital ‘H’!!

  6. “Gadolhadorah- When you write ‘including’ do you mean you are including them -that Hashem should protect them, or ‘including’ means the IDF also protects them as well?”

    Assuming you are not being sarcastic — he/she meant that the IDF protects everyone — EVEN those who protest their existence. I think that when my son did his 2 years of service — that hurt him the most. Certainly most charedim he came across in his service did not attack or bother him — but some did. (Granted, maybe they had problems or otherwise who knows). But he was committed — to protect everyone.

    As to capitalizing G-d name. Did you make that up? Or is that something you read? (Seriously). I usually write it as ha-Shem — but maybe it should be Ha-Shem. Not sure.

  7. Suralah…..obviously the point being that the brave men and women of the IDF risk their lives daily to protect ALL of the residents of EY, including those Chareidi zealots who routinely verbally and physically assault them and refuse to even consider sharing the burdens of protecting the medinah. Fortunately, there are a growing number of Chareidi youth who ignore the mindless rants of a few in the Chareidi leadership and voluntarily join IDF units that allow them to adhere to their beliefs but also to actively participate in national service to protect their own families and all of klal yisroel.

  8. Gadolhadorah: Please answer the question: Do you want Hashem to also protect ALL the Jews in Israel regardless of their beliefs?
    SarahLevine613: I was once corrected by my late Mother O’H’ for not writing ‘Hashem’ with a capital letter. If you think about it- it goes without saying- If we refer to any human being, whether Jew or non Jew with a capital letter, how on earth can we dare to write Hashem’s name without a capital letter? No Jewish publication will ever write ‘Hashem’ without a capital letter.

  9. “Which unit did these Chareidi soldiers belong to? Givati?”

    My understanding is that these were Givati soldiers. There are three charedi units:

    Netzach Yehuda which is part of K’fir.
    Tomer which is part of Givati.
    Chaitz which is part of Tzanchanim.