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WATCH: Eichler Slams Lapid: Stop The Anti-Semitism Against The Chareidim!

As tensions flare surrounding the controversial draft bill in Knesset, Yesh Atid opposition party chairman, MK Yair Lapid, in his customary fashion, spoke out against the chareidi leadership. MK Yisrael Eichler did not remain silent, but responded on Wednesday night, calling on Lapid to stop the anti-Semitism against the chareidi tzibur.

In an address from the Knesset podium, Eicher addressed Lapid. “True, there are huge debates in the Knesset between people, views and streams of religious observance but there is no permission to express anti-Semitic expressions against Jews.”

Eichler added, “This week I heard again from MK Yair Lapid the expression ‘chareidim will receive money under the table.’ You can say that you do not want to give money to yeshivas, someone else will say he does not want to give money to the universities to waste there, but this unacceptable expression of ‘money under the table’ was said, not just once”.

Eichler reminded the plenum that Tommy Lapid and his mother had arrived in Switzerland on the Kastner train: “Those who received them were chareidi Jews, and when the refugees immigrated to Israel, the members of the old and new yishuv absorbed them and still receive the immigrants with love. You do not give us more than we gave you and still give you today.”

Eichler concluded: “To say about such Jews that ‘the chareidim will receive money under the table’ is an expression that cannot be tolerated in any way, and the debate will continue, but we demand that everyone refrain from using anti-Semitic expressions.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Kastner Transport with the Satmar Rov ZT”L arrived on the 21st Kislev, which was yesterday, with the assistance of Reb Michoel Ber Weissmandel and many other chosheve chareidim.
    He is Kofu Toive to people – He is Kofu Toive to Hashem!

  2. Tens of millions of Shekalim are being illegally funneled to yeshiva’s and kollelim that only exist on paper,Eichler knows it everyone knows it ,it is nothing but cheap demagoguery on behalf of this Eichler character ‘nothing new here”

  3. Really,chugibugi? I live In Jerusalem,and I don’t know if any Yeshiva or Kollel “that exist only on paper” and that are receiving government funds.

  4. chugibugi, you are making up facts. Just because you are ASSUMING that is so doesn’t mean it actually is a fact.

    But just as there likely is illegal activity ( not necessarily as a fact but as an assumption) in Chareidi communities, there is ALSO illegal activities in secular Israeli society, as is in ANY society. To blame Chareidim as a whole is ok with you and other frum people but I bet you you’d have a problem if a European official would say Israelis are criminal because they make cash deals under the table…

    You can’t blame entire communities, nationalites etc. on account of the actions of a few individuals.

  5. “You can’t blame entire communities, nationalites etc. on account of the actions of a few individuals.”

    Exactly right.

  6. I yearn for the day that we can have an open and brutally honest conversation about shvartzer gelt in our community. Yes, yes… it’s true that all sectors have their money launderers. However I feel like in the charedi world such practice is almost institutionalized. I work in finance and probably at least 4 out of 5 times if a client is trying to shtick with their money, they a “frummer”

    And it breaks my heart that my childrens’ schools are so much more makpid on making sure the tuition and chug checks have the name section left blank than they are on providing them with a quality education.

    I don’t mean to be m’katrig chas v’shalom but the longer issues like this fester the more they come back to bite us eventually. Why is there this attitude that one’s wallet is some twilight zone where the shulchan aruch doesn’t exist anymore?

  7. I did not know that the Shulchan Auruch dealt with the Israeli Tax Authority.
    My husband gets a regular paycheck, that has tax taken out of it, but I wonder about a society that provides very unequal compensation for similar jobs, that leaves a school in a hareidi neighborhood with buckets to catch the drips from the rain, while other schools have the best buildings and most modern conveniences, and normally paid teachers.
    A society that provides huge subsidies for it’s preferred universities but cannot manage to provide very basic maintainance and salaries for yeshivos.
    Perhaps those who skip the tax authority feel that it’s compensation for the unequal distribution of funds….I don’t know, I never remember writing any checks without the name filled in to my children’s educational institutions which probably got ZERO from the State.
    Perhaps they feel that the State ignores them and they will ignore the State.
    If one feels that the given school does not provide their children with a “Quality education,” then they are free to look elsewhere.
    As far as “biting us,” that is a good case of blaming the victim.
    Those who use their prejudice to judge innocent people will ALWAYS be in the wrong, they can/should use caution, but they should never assume guilt based on anyone’s background…Now THAT is the aveirah that “will come back to bite us.”

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