Suspect in Custody in Shomron Carjacking, Which Occurred In The Binyamin Area


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An Israel Police Shai district spokesman reported on Tuesday that a suspect has been taken into custody in connection to a Binyamin region carjacking. The report refers to the incident, which occurred on Sunday, 24 Kislev, at Dir Kadis Junction in the Binyamin Regional Council in Shomron.

The details of the incident indicate that a vehicle driving behind the car of the complainant hit the victim’s car in the back and caused him to stop. When the driver got out of the vehicle to check the damage from being hit in the back, the suspect got out of the second vehicle and into the victim’s car and took off.

In the course of an operation carried out by police and IDF forces from the Efraim checkpoint in the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Budrus, a 20-year-old Palestinian suspect was arrested on suspicion of carrying out the carjacking.

In search of the suspect’s house, property was seized, allegedly stolen from the vehicle, and a vehicle apparently used by the suspects was seized.

The suspect was questioned on suspicion of robbery and theft of a vehicle, and later this week he will be arraigned in a military court.

The investigation is in progress and further arrests are expected.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)