MK Maklev Working on Fixing Reception Problem in Tunnels on Jerusalem Train Line and Highway 1


MK Uri Maklev, who heads the Science and Technology Committee of the Knesset asked the Director of the Communications Ministry, Netanel Cohen, to rework the cellular system in the tunnels of the Jerusalem – Ben Gurion High Speed Train as well as the tunnels leading up to the city on Highway one.

“The current situation with regards to the cellular infrastructure in these area causes a disruption of service as well as creates a dangerous situation should someone need to call for emergency help and not be able to do so,” said Maklev.

Maklev added: “We build roads, new subways, tunnels and trains on the way to Jerusalem. We dedicate a new tunnel in the past year, and we couldn’t fix this problem? We are a High-Tech superpower and we possess the ability to do this. This is a very important national artery of transportation and these disruptions in service create a dangerous situation.

Cohen said he would make sure that his Ministry, together with other relevant ministries would get to work on fixing the problem. “The State of Israel is developing at tremendous speed and we have not set our minds to fixing this problem yet. The answers need to be put into the licenses of the operating companies.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)