Peleg Protests Set to Begin at 1:30PM on Monday in Bnei Brak


The Peleg Yerushalmi is taking to the streets again on Monday, Zos Chanukah, reportedly due to the continued incarceration of bochur Yitzchak Aryeh by military authorities.

Rabbonim have reportedly instructed followers to begin protesting at 1:30PM at the intersection of Jabotinsky and Hashomer Streets in Bnei Brak.

Peleg rabbonim insist they will not be deterred and will continue their battle “for the world of Torah with all their might” and they will not cooperate with the IDF or draft officials, insisting every bochur yeshiva must automatically be given a deferment from military service without conditions and draft quotas.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The Haredi world needs to do a real cheshbon ha nefesh….
    every day we see another story about people who supposedly represent Torah, committing the worst transgressions and chillul HaShem. Whether it be “Peleg Yerushalmi” and their constant anti-Zionist riots, or Lev Tahor kidnappings, or gang wars in the bet medrish of Ponavich in the month of Elul, or R. Berlands motercade recklessly careening down the highway, or people being sexually abused by Torah authorities abusing their power, or the refusal on the part of large swaths of the Haredi public to inoculate their families against measles…………..the list goes on.
    How long can we expect H.K.B.H. to put up with it ?? Is it any wonder that Yair Lapid is poised to take over once Netanyahu is no longer in the picture ? Is it any wonder that the State of NY is forcing Jewish schools to change their curriculum ?

  2. This bochur is following his gedolim (which he definitely should be) and for that he is being put in jail we should all be protesting (or at least davening).

  3. These mechutzafim are oveir bitul Torah for every minute they are not learning. I shudder to think of the consequences levied against them for the disgrace they are making to the Torah Hakedosha.

  4. Jeff Stuart, excuse me! I’m Chareidi and just because some Chareidim do stupid things does not make ME nor MOST Chareidim need to do a “cheshbon hanefesh” on account of what others do, just because they call themselves Chareidim.

  5. {Talking to Peleg from the front shtender of a Beis Medrash at the start of Shacharis} Okay everyone, put down your gemorahs and let’s protest at XX hour. We will leave the Beis Medrash after mincha. (Crickets chirping, empty Beis Medrash} . Hello?! Anyone there…?! Where is everyone? Why is no one here? Is everyone sleeping?