SHOCK VIDEO: Peleg Protester Uses Down Syndrome Child as Barricade; Over Two Dozen Arrests in Bnei Brak [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


The Peleg Yerushalmi took to the streets of Bnei Brak on Monday afternoon as promised, to protest the continued incarceration of Yitzchak Aryeh, a bochur arrested for not cooperating with IDF draft authorities.

The protests turned stormy quite quickly and despite police orders not to enter the streets and block traffic, participants did just that, leading to over two-dozen arrests.

The area around Jabotinsky Street from Abuchatzeira to Geha Junction was closed in both directions as a result of the protests, causing gridlock and traffic in much of the area.

In the first video below, viewers will see how a Peleg protester, a Rebbe in Yeshiva Or Mordechai, brought his down syndrome son to the protest, and can be seen placing his child in between himself and police.

At the end of the video, Police are seen making an arrest of a Peleg Bochur, and during the arrest are seen touching him in an inappropriate place.

In the beginning of the video, viewers will also see how Police were warned not to touch one of the Peleg Rabbonim who participated in the protest, Rav Eliyahu Lieberman.

ALL VIDEOS AND PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

Peleg Rabbonim insist they will not be deterred and will continue their battle “for the world of Torah with all their might” and they will not cooperate with the IDF or draft officials, insisting every Yeshiva Bochur must automatically be given a deferment from military service without conditions and draft quotas.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There’s no such thing as an “inappropriate move” on someone blocking traffic and creating a chillul Hashem. The fool deserved what he got.

  2. I like in a Haredi neighborhood , wear Haredi black and white, daven in Haredi shules and learn Torah between 4-6 hours a day. And I never thought I would feel such feelings of disgust and yes, even hatred, for people like these fanatics and the damage they are causing to Torah and Jewish values in the Land of Israel. Such a Hillul HaShem. I’ve basically stopped giving money to anyone who I suspect holds these positions which is basically the entire Haredi world. They can’t count out my tzadaka for anything other than Tomchey Shabbos or Ambulance services. And Yeshivas ? Forget it.

  3. Jeff Stuart:
    The “entire Haredi World” does not hold these positions. Only a small percentage who belong to the Peleg/Eitz faction. Most Haredim are opposed to these protests.

  4. When did YWN become fake news.

    I don’t like the protests but let’s not make up details.

    He wasn’t using his kid as a barricade. He was holding his kid to protect him. I watched the video and all he said was don’t touch us. His kid likes the action I’m sure just as any non downs kid.

  5. Why are the police still treating these hooligans, their Rabbonim included, with kid gloves? Arresting just 24 of them shows that the police do not mean business. Cart away a few hundred and send in dozens of horses and multiple stink water cannon and things will change. If the Rebbe in Yeshiva Or Mordechai thinks it appropriate to bring his Down’s Syndrome child to such a party, remind me not to ever give to that Yeshiva or have anything to do with any bochur from there. No need to associate with a yeshiva or its bochurim who are taught by someone with serious mental health issues.

  6. > kalmangroner

    > “He wasn’t using his kid as a barricade. He was holding his kid to protect him.”

    If he really wanted to protect the kid, then simply don’t bring him in the first place.

  7. imajew998877 – who are you trying to kid. The Peleg affiliated yeshivos will take money from anywhere, even non-shomrei Shabbos, without asking any questions. You are a bunch of real hypocrites. Money is money.

  8. georgeg,

    You probably know all the details and context..

    Being bothered by the protests, doesn’t give one a license to make up a story.

    There was a protest and it was nasty.. true!
    There was a downs boy there with his father. true!
    The downs boy was used as a barricade.. False!
    YWN made up details in a sensationalized headline to get more clicks. true!

    #fakenews #notkosher

  9. Although I am not a peleg supporter, here’s something to ponder. Eventually, the present govt. or the next one (after elections) will pass some kind of law for deferring the army service of the yeshiva students. The chances that someone (Lapid, et. al.) will straight away challenge the new law in the Israeli Supreme Court as still fostering inequality and hence, still unconstitutional are very high. Conversely, if the govt. fails to bring forward any kind of law on the matter, and the IDF begins, slowly at first, to make trouble for any draftable age yeshiva student (not the older avreichim) who comes in contact with the law. Since every yeshiva bochur will then be considered AWOL, anyone pulled over for speeding might be arrested. You lodge a complaint with the police for anything — arrested for being AWOL. Wants to attend a relative’s wedding in the U.S., shows up at the airport — arrested for being AWOL. Renew your driver’s licence, show up at some govt. office for anything — arrested for being AWOL. It would likely be a slow process at first, but if it continues, many hundreds and even thousands cv”s might might find themselves under arrest and subject to legal proceedings.
    So, at this point, if this cv”s transpires, and as unpleasant as it seems, it is a distinct possibility, what will be the response of the gedolei harabbonim? Although I cannot predict for sure, most likely the reaction will be: TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PROTEST. Men, women, children, might all be called to demonstrate with all their might against the oppression of the yeshiva students. Civil insurrection might likely be the only way to put a stop to the arrests and the harassment of the yeshiva students.
    So, ultimately, most or even all of the frum tzibbur will effectively become advocates of the peleg’s ideology. In other words, although most of the gedolei Torah are at present opposed to this method, we may all end up eventually becoming “Eitzniks.” I, for one, deeply hope and daven that this won’t happen.
    Food for thought.

  10. Levi Yitzchok, Nonsense. You know as well as I that the substance of the Peleg Yerushalmi’s positions regarding army service is held by the vast majority of the Haredi olum. P”Y’s protests are just a natural outgrowth of a krum philosophy.

  11. @kalmangroner – what mentally stable father would even dream of taking his Down’s syndrome son to what was sure to turn into a violent street demonstration? Whether the child was used as a deliberate barricade or not is irrelevant. He was for sure being “used” and should not have been there. Period.

  12. a down syndrome kid who knows his family is going to a protest should be allowed to come and not have to fear that YWN will use him to attack tens of thousands of religious jews

  13. Jeff Stuart calm down. You don’t know what’s going on here. The gov. plans to draft everyone. and the military is not a kosher place. What do you want the charedim in Israel to do, fill out a petition? So nice and safe and polite as if the Israelis are nice and safe and polite.

  14. Sorry American Yerushalmi, your hypotheses are all faulty. This draft issue has been going on since the beginning of the medina. Check your history. This is not a new thing. And B”H all these years, with the support and eitzos of the gedolim, things worked out for another few years, then another few years, then another….
    So NO, nowhere near most and certainly not all of the frum tzibbur will ever become advocates of the peleg’s krum ideology. One must always act like a mentsch. Our own issues never give us the right to violate the law (which states that you must register, and which btw also states you may not block traffic!) and inconvenience (and many times endanger) thousands upon thousands of people for hours on end, to destroy property, to act like hooligans and to forget what a ben Torah represents.
    In the meantime we don’t have to think “what if”. Just daven that things continue as they have for the past several decades.
    Food for thought.

  15. Sorry ‘After Eight’ check your history this has not been going on from the beginning of the medinah. All the years it was excepted that people who fit into the category of ‘Toraso Umenuso’ do not have to go to the army. A number of years ago the bagatz stated that such a policy is illegal and the government has to come up with a law that will show clear steps being done to increase the drafting of chareidim in the army. The law currently being discussed is a law which has quotas of thousands of chareidim (students that learned for 2 years in a chareidy institution) to be drafted into the army. If these quotas will be met, in a matter of ten years sixty percent of chareidim will be drafted into the army, if the quotas will not be filled for 3 years straight, all chareidim will have to be drafted. The only way the law will be accepted by the bagatz is if it will clearly bring to equality in Israeli society. The fact that right now yeshivah bochurim are not being pulled out of the beis medrash is not a reason to make nothing of it, when Lapid passed his law which in essence was very similar to the one being discussed now there was no immediate threat and still at the behest of Maran R’ AL Shteinman close to a million frum jews protested and no one said what you are saying now.

  16. After Eight: a little history. Since 1948, the draft issue was dealt with as follows: there was never a law that deferred the yeshiva students’ army service. Instead, the defense minister — whoever he was — was authorized to decide whom to draft and whom to defer. So, mass deferments for yeshiva students became the modus operandi for the first 60 or so years of the medina. About 10 years ago, this procedure was challenged in the Israel Supreme Court as being unequal, inequitable, and hence unconstitutional. So, the frum parties got the Tal Law passed, which was supposed to enshrine the defense minister’s prerogative to defer the yeshiva students — as a law. It worked for a few years, but was also challenged in the supreme court, which decided that the Tal law, too, was unconstitutional. Since then, all attempts to create a law that will stand up to supreme court scrutiny have faliled. That is where we are right now.
    In the absence of a law — all draftable youth are breaking the law by being AWOL. So, it won’t exactly help to “just go to the draft office and get a deferment.” Because, in the absence of a law — there are no deferments (aside from medical/psychiatric)!
    In case you think the gedolim NEVER espoused demonstrations — just ask anyone who’s been around a few years. Of course they did! Giyus banos in the early 1950s, unauthorized autopies, are 2 that come to mind. They probably did not advocate setting fires, smashing traffic lights, and general anarchy. And neither do I. But, thousands of people gathering on any street corner will most likely interference with traffic. If it comes to this, the rabbonim — not I — will decide how to proceed. As long as deferments are possible and legal — most gedolei haraboonim, lead by Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Gershon Edelstein shlit”a, insist on getting a deferment. Not like the peleg’s shita.
    What I meant by saying “we might all end up Eitzniks” was not that we’ll all become unrestrained property smashers. Chas ve’shalom. I mean that that if all the legal, parliamentary options are exhausted and disqualified by the supreme court — the gedolim might decide there is no recourse but to “force the issue” by mass protests. I get it that this offends your sensibilities. You know something? It offends mine too!! I only mean that there might not be any other way. Let’s hope and daven that Moshiach Tzidkeinu will soon arrive, and end all our tzaros!

  17. when the dati leumi tzibur was turning over the country before the girush from gush katif, i didnt see all these so called “charedi” media establishments and their readers so disturbed by the lack of orderness and the bad chinuch and the chillul hashem and the permanent midos damage etc. that the protests would cause, i saw those protests live, and they were no less violent than these ones.
    it is obvious that when ppl are protesting for what u believe in, “al kol peshaim techaseh ahava”
    its just that deep down it doesnt bother ppl like jeff stuart if they would draft the yeshiva boys, unfortunately these ppl call themselves (when it serves their purpose, of course) charedi, and go out and bash the charedi protesters from inside with all these narish baked up self righteous stupidities, which causes outsiders to say that the protesters are just “a small handfull of zealots”, when in fact they are the ones who are representing the mainstream charedi consensus about our attitude towards the draft since day 1