Pelephone Charged NIS 35 Monthly For A Line That Was Not Operational For 17 Years!


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The fact that the communications companies love our money, everyone knows. But sometimes it really hurts.

Such as the story of a customer of Pelephone – a story revealed by Maayan Perati in the “Economic Plan” of Chadashot News. A client of the Pelephone cellular provider informed her that he is charged NIS 35 a month for a line that has not been in operation for 17 years.

After he contacted Pelephone several times and asked to be credited for the money collected from him, he was refused. Why? Because Pelephone claimed it is the responsibility of the subscriber to follow the invoices.

The customer: “Pelephone saw the mistake it made and saw that this line has been inactive for decades, but it still does not agree to compensate me with the amount of the charge that came to NIS 8,000. For such a company it is nothing but for any other person or for me, it’s a monthly salary”.

But Pelephone is not the only company.

The program also brought an incident that occurred in Hot Mobile, which does not agree to compensate a customer for an inactive line, despite repeated requests from the customer.

“The company has my credit card and it charged on its own without my knowledge and without my consent to pay for a line that is not in use.” The joke is that Hot Mobile agreed to charge me half of the amount and claimed it was my responsibility to check the invoices.

Pelephone responded to the Economic Plan: “We received the request of the Economic Plan two hours ago and we are conducting an examination of the matter and at the end of it we will contact the customer.”

Hot Mobile responded: “The customer purchased a SIM card and operated it independently through the internet site. The company does not monitor the customers’ uses of its subscription packages.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Always check your statements. If you have direct deposit of your paycheck, and direct withdrawal of your credit card bills, it’s easy to assume they money’s flowing in and out as it’s supposed to, but sneaky things tend to come up.