Making way for a new winter season, the New Eichlers announces weekend clearance

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Making way for a new winter season, the New Eichlers announces weekend clearance sale

Borough Park – Weekends at The New Eichlers have long been one of the busiest destinations for members of the Brooklyn Jewish community, but this upcoming weekend promises to be the busiest one to date.

The new Eichlers announced today that they will be holding a clearance sale this upcoming Motzei Shabbas and Sunday. Prices on some items are expected to be slashed by close to 70% as the retail leader in Judiaca clears out inventory ahead of another busy winter season.

The store’s management is always looking to improve the consumer experience and this sale was launched with an eye on 2019. “It’s out with the old and in with the new,” said store manager Mordechai Levinson. “This sale will give us an opportunity to restock our shelves so that we can better serve our customers in the year ahead.”

The New Eichlers has built its name as Boro Park’s premier Judaica destination and this clearance sale is just the latest in a long string of promotions geared towards the community at-large. Managment at the store has arranged for additional staff to be on hand during the sale.

The sale items will largely consist of merchandise that has been overstocked which means that shoppers will get the same Eichlers’ quality at discounted rates. Whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah gift for a relative or that new Challah board you wanted, this weekend at The New Eichlers is the place to be.

The New Eichlers is centrally located on 13th Ave and 50st Street in Borough Park. Customer service can be reached at 718-874-9771 or via email at [email protected]